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400 Million Active User Base Makes Tik Tok No. 1 in China

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Knowledge-based content is extremely popular in China

Tik Tok, the destination for short-form mobile videos is also working pretty well in its home country China. In China, it goes by the name of Douyin and it has built up more than 400 million users. These users are more or less keeping active on the platform on a daily basis as it was unveiled in the annual report of ByteDance. This is tremendous growth as per any standard because by January 2019 it had around 250 million daily users.

The report was descriptive as it mentioned behavioral aspects, trends, and the cultural distinction between the US and China. Katherine Wu, an investor for Notation Capital said, “Things that trend in these two countries are insanely different. For example; knowledge-based content is extremely popular in China, and less so in the US. Also, this was wild to me; those creators that did the most dance videos in China are users born in the 60s, whereas in the US, it seems that it’s mostly teenagers who are creating the dance.”

Active involvement in the field of education

The parent company of Douyin, ByteDance asserted that the platform has created the largest base of culture, art, and knowledge. It proclaimed that around 14.89 million knowledge-based content videos were shared on the app in the year 2019. The videos related to chemistry alone reached a count of 130 million. This shows the involvement of the platform in the field of education.

According to eMarketer, the growth of the user base of Douyin is far better than WeChat and Weibo. The main competitor of the platform is Trancent’s Kuaishou. The huge growth of Douyin is beneficial for the ByteDance as it is expected to get listed in Hong Kong in 2020.

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