5 Powerful ways to let go of the past to create a better future

how to let go of the past

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How to let go of the Past?

Every human being possesses an enormous amount of potential. You can do anything with your life. The pothole that stops you from going further is in your mind.

It is the habit of sticking to the bad memories that happened in your past. We remember them continuously and think that how we could have stopped them from happening.

You need to stop right there, and focus on this sentence, “Continuously thinking of pain means real-time damage, which eventually leads to your failure.”

Bad memories are stuck in your mind because human beings have the tendency to retain information that is associated with emotions. Therefore, when there are emotions tied to a memory, letting go and moving on gets more complex and difficult.

Thus, here are some powerful ways to forget the past, move on, and utilize your full potential to get the most out of your life.

1. Identify your purpose of letting go of the past:

better future

To achieve anything, one needs to set a particular goal and illuminate a burning desire. You can ask some questions like what wrong is going on? What problems are you facing in your daily life due to past memories? What’s your purpose to let the past go and move on? What life change do you want from now?

Following this strategy will give you a clear idea of why you need to let go of your past. Likewise, it will keep you motivated.

Even if you feel it hard to overcome your past, this clear idea will retain you on the track and you can stay focused.

2.Observe your emotions:

This is the most powerful way to stay encouraged and dedicated to your goal of letting the past go. Everyone has some emotional habits which they follow every day without actually knowing how they are processing every emotion.

If you observe in the surrounding, you find most of the time some human beings are sad; some are happy, and some look calm.

Such distinct personalities in the same environment are due to their way of processing their emotions. In a simple way, those people have trained their minds to feel happy, sad, frustrated, or stressed.

Therefore, you have to train your mind to be inspired, energetic, calm, and happy. Okay, I know that this is not a game like changing settings on a single click. That’s why I have a simple solution to how you can alter your thoughts and keep motivated.

“Simply observe your emotions (or thoughts)”. Whenever you get mixed in past memories, bad thoughts, feelings, you have to observe what you are currently doing? No need to think about what you’re thinking.

If you find yourself falling into a sad feeling, try to cut yourself out of it and move your attention to a positive and encouraging scenario.

3. Develop daily revitalizing practices:

let go of the past

Your mind and body play an important role to throw away bad past memories. Proper collaboration between your mind and body is essential to achieve your goals.

Daily exercise and Yoga practices remove toxins from your mind and body. Give yourself time to examine your body and mind. You can follow a set of practices on a daily basis.

These practices will assist you to keep yourself away from bad memories.

As you continue to practice developments in your body and mind, a feeling of complete motivation rises to take you away from toxic feelings.

4. Find positive motives:

let go of the past

Most of the time, people live for themselves. Self-living restricts your abilities to flourish and makes it hard to resolve minor issues in your life.

Caring for self is another thing. You care for your mind and body shows that you respect yourself; you show gratitude to your body for helping you in your daily tasks.

Finding positive motives means living for contributing to others. For instance, you can contribute to your family, community, or humanity. Such motives help you to ignore minor problems in your life and live for a great cause.

No matter how broke you are, how bad you feel, contributing others always gives a good feeling of satisfaction. As you start contributing more, you will gain more strength and inspiration to keep moving forward.

5. Stop Comparing:

Stop Comparing

When people are upset, they think about their happy friends, colleagues, or anyone they know. And in today’s digital world of Instagram, Facebook has become the worst. You see the picture of school friends enjoying a vacation, visiting places, driving cars, etc.

One thing I want to suggest to you here is, “You are the unique creation on this Earth!”

Don’t ever compare your life with others. Everyone’s past is different; people have no idea what you’ve gone through and going through. It is obvious that comparing with others makes you feel that you are getting less.

In fact, comparing is human nature; it is hard to avoid it. On a daily basis, we continuously compare, judge without knowing it. But you should understand that everyone lives in different situations.

There are times when your friend gets a high-paying job and you’re still searching for the same. You will face many scenarios like this. But think about what you can do about it.

There is an effective way called “Upgrade”. Upgrade your skills, communication, lifestyle, body, and anything you want. Because life is for developing and the one who stops learning, lags behind the thinking of the past, blaming others.

As the famous American Singer, Judy Garland said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.”

To eliminate comparative thoughts, you must focus on your present. Get everything that you have and start progressing. Forget others, no matter how bad you think of them. Forget judgments, Forget hard feelings, Forget about the worst things that happened. Learn from it and Move On!

You must empty your mind from the things which are restricting you to make the most out of the present.


how to let go of the past

Practicing the above steps in daily life, one can streamline a focus on what matters. Consistently thinking of change won’t bring the change in your life. You need to act for the change to happen.

Respect the great potential in your mind and body. It’s a bad habit to let the past consume your present and destroy your future. In today’s open-minded, fast-progressing, and productive world, you can enhance yourself to new limits.

The present is in your hands to turn your future more productive, calm, loving, and inspiring.

There are problems in life, but new opportunities to eliminate such problems continuously knock your door. To realize them you need to let go of the evil past and focus on what you can cultivate of yourself.

You have the power within you to progress yourself and thereby the world around you. Break the past chains which are holding you back, and embrace the present to build a better tomorrow.

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