Business APAC Noteworthy Healthcare Leaders 2021

Since the advent of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is already under the immense pressure. While COVID may be a bigger threat but this certainly does not eradicate the sensitivity of other medical conditions.The healthcare industry as a whole is under a challenging situation with half of the staff dedicated to COVID, the other medical conditions are equally suffering.
Marn Lim: Bringing a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery
Addiction, compulsion, and negative habit-patterns knowingly or unknowingly affect every ...
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Abhinav Thakur: A Magnate in the Indian Diagnostics Industry
Today, the demographic ageing and changing lifestyles—causing increase in conditions ...
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EHR Trends

EHR Trends
Five EHR Trends to watch out for in 2021
Over the years, innovations in the healthcare sector have influenced ...
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Envisaging Telehealth

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