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Sameer Baldota

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Since the advent of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is already under the immense pressure. While COVID may be a bigger threat but this certainly does not eradicate the sensitivity of other medical conditions. The healthcare industry as a whole is under a challenging situation with half of the staff dedicated to COVID, the other medical conditions are equally suffering. People or patients have started denying going to a hospital for regular examinations, questioning the safety of their health. This is another valid point that people have started fearing they might get infected with COVID at a medical facility.

How do we tackle this? By proper sanitization and other necessary safety measures.

Healthcare can never compromise in sanitization. COVID-19 has stressed enough the importance of sanitization and how mere sanitizing efforts can revoke a pandemic. Dealing with infections is not new for healthcare facilities, this is why the hygiene and sanitation practices are at par. Reach Global India Pvt Ltd (ORO) has been acting as the gatekeeper of healthcare products and knows widely as the “ORO- YOUR INFECTION GUARD”.

Infection Guard of Healthcare

Reach Global India Pvt Ltd (Oro) started its journey in 2009, at a small rented shop. Soon, the company started gaining its ground and not long before was reigning the Dentistry industry of India. The Founder and Director, Sameer Baldota had previously worked at Piramal glass in Pharma packaging for 4 years. Drawing this experience, he was able to build a successful company in the healthcare arena. In 2009, the company partnered with another firm and by 2012 shifted to an independent PVT Ltd firm.

Reach Global India Pvt Ltd had marked itself on the map of leading manufacturers, and hence by 2014, Sameer Baldota launched his own brand called ORO. ORO catered to dental consumables and later expanded its roots in other healthcare gears. These dental consumables were rapidly being demanded and delivered PAN India. ORO soon reached the global market and now delivers to more than 40+ countries.

Since the beginning, our target is always to support healthcare to stop having HAI’s (healthcare-associated infections),” explained Sameer Baldota. The journey of Reach Global India Pvt Ltd started with this mission and now the team delivers a sterile package and sterility monitors to control HAI’s—hence the name “ORO-Your Infection Guard”.

The Make in India Initiative

India launched a ‘Make in India’ initiative which was launched with an aim to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure in the country. The goal is to serve the products anywhere in the world but manufacture in India. This initiative was a boon for several entrepreneurs in India.

Sameer Baldota describes ‘Make in India’ as a great concept to turn the dream into reality. The concept connects with an emotional chord and harmonizes the vision of building your own company. Boosting the number of successful ventures in India, the initiative is turning out to be a success. Sameer Baldota and his team are manufacturing reliable, qualitative, and cost-effective products so that they can be accessible to a wide portfolio and worldwide market. Consequently, Reach Global has received a whopping response from overseas creating a rising demand for its products and services.

Comprehensive and Reliable

Reach Global’s ORO is offering comprehensive and safe healthcare solutions. By combing the team’s expertise and quality solutions of Sterilization packaging products, protective wear, and supplementary products, ORO is striving to cater to the safety needs. These solutions are divided into two with one serving the sterilized essentials to the healthcare world, while the other deals with Dentistry and dental care. ORO is a trusted brand with the most comprehensive range of products to promote an exceptional level of hygiene in dentistry.

Over the years, the dental industry has effectively grown and so has the awareness of dental healthcare. Today the customers are seeking treatment from clinics and outlets that employ high-end dental technologies, use best-in-class dental consumable products and maintain strict hygiene standards. ORO has been at the forefront of delivering best-in-class dental consumable products that are a combination of superior quality and innovative technology. “We introduced Sure-endo to quantify customer’s demand with high-quality endodontic products. Carried the mantle forth by introducing modern, innovative ideas with smart services,” said Sameer Baldota.

Among the comprehensive bouquet of solutions here listed are the Healthcare Solutions,

  • Sterilization packaging

Sterilization packaging plays an important role in the healthcare industry to ensure the safe sterilization of instruments and equipment until they are intended to use. ORO manufactures and delivers industry-standard sterilization packaging products like reel, pouches, and wraps at our state-of-art facility and is supported by guiding documents based on customer needs.

  • Sterility Monitoring

Sterilization indicators act as a useful tool for routine monitoring, load monitoring, and validation of the procedure. These indicators have become trusted sterility monitors of choice for the process.

  • Safety Wear

Due to the rising safety standards in the current Pandemic, there is a surge in demand for Safety Products in the Healthcare segment. ‘ORO’ supports all these safety applications like Protective Clothing, Head-eye-face protection, Protective Footwear by offering quality products adhered to allied compliances.

The products manufactured by ORO are globally acknowledged. Its young and enthusiastic team is striving continually to stay abreast of modern, innovative ideas to ensure that the brand paces ahead adding value to the esteemed customers. Continuing on this pace, the company is aiming to deliver sustainable success with a promise of persistent quality and availability. The driving force behind the formulation of the premium quality product range is the never-dying mission to serve the Healthcare industry with perfection and professionalism.

Not compromising on Quality

In 2020, the world—especially the healthcare industry, crushed under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nations took dedicated efforts to contain this virus and improve the life expectancy rate. The world suddenly was inclined towards supreme hygiene. Healthcare professionals especially are more adhered to double safety gears.

For healthcare professionals, quality always matters! And technology has proved its worth so, time and again. Technology has played a vital role in churning the cycle of businesses. Today healthcare services have been elevated to such levels that were deemed impossible until some time ago. Reach Global has never compromised on the quality and ensures that all the manufacturing methods and adoption meet the standards. Sameer Baldota explained, “Our emphasis is always on the product range which ensures the safety of healthcare worker, patient’s co-patient. Products which are related to sterilization, safety wear are our main area improves the standards of quality healthcare.

Tête-à-tête Corner

What are your views on the current pandemic situation?

The current pandemic is surely devastating. I believe that extending a helping hand towards society can help us all get through this. To overcome the crisis, we have started a social service where the entire team is helping the COVID patients to have access to free home-cooked meals in our locality.

Being operating in the healthcare niche, did pandemics cause a surge in demand?

We are currently dealing in safety wear, sterility monitoring, and sterilization packaging products. The demand has surged and we observed the shortage of PPE-Kits. So, we have developed in-house PPE Kits and protection wear to serve the nation with the current scenario.

The pandemic has forced us to change our working culture, how has this change affected your company’s overall performance? 

When you talk about performance… I think work from home is a fantastic concept to increase the efficiency of each employee. Initially, it was a little difficult for the team as they were facing many challenges in coordinating with each other as we are a product-based company, but with time everyone is now enjoying it. When your team performs surely the company is going to perform. Luckily, we fall in essential services and try our best to keep our factory workers motivated as we are making PPE equipment.

Please walk us through your future planning, what can we expect from Global Reach?

Our efforts are to support the industry with high-quality products made in India. The production will be acquiring all the required International certifications. And our state-of-the-art facility will be having cleanroom production. On a broader note, our product range will be catering to all the requirements under “Your Infection Guard”.

Amid the chaos, how have you stayed motivated? Is there any secret to it?

I think the secret is to get motivated to start doing something. From my experience, the most effective trick for me is to just do it. As soon as you think something needs to be done, jump into it, doing it immediately & effectively. Always have a smile on your face and keep your goal at top of your mind to have a clear thought path It is equally important to keep connected and stay socially aware. And lastly, make sure you carve out time in your day to read.

2020 has brought several changes, what are your expectations from 2021?

We are expecting it as the hope of a new era, with vaccines and the community coming together to fight against the pandemic and help each other in these tough times. Being from the healthcare sector and producer of safety & sterilization products we are aiming to create more awareness of the health and safety of people towards life. We wish to provide a safer environment.

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