Target Integration
Rohit Thakral: A Skilled IT Professional With Exceptional Enthusiasm And Excellent Expertise
One encounters numerous challenges throughout the journey but the way ...
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Rahul Chauhan
Rahul Chauhan: A Dedicated Leader With A Drive To Change The World
In today’s competitive world, entrepreneurs have to go through numerous ...
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Maithillee Zaveri: An Ingenious Artist And A Brilliant Entrepreneur Of The Art Industry
Often artists go underappreciated in the society, as art is ...
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Dr.Sheeba Karthick: An Inborn Leader with Love for Humanity & Ecosystem
Earlier, start-ups were not easily accepted in the industry. But ...
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Eka Academy
Capt Muthu Krishnan Iyyappan : An Avid Leader Re-Engineering Training And Learning Using Structured Creativity
All great leaders acquired their greatness through empowering their team ...
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Gig Economy

Gig Economy
Gig Economy: Reforming the Future of the Workforce
With the advent of smartphone technology and increased use of ...
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Sustainable Environment

sustainable economy
An Essential Stakeholder For A Sustainable Environment And Economy
2020 was anticipated to be the year of sustainable environmental ...
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West has been driving the business world owing to its developed economies. The leading part of the world is straining to sustain its dominance. However, the other parts of the world, especially Asia Pacific region have been displaying escalating growth in terms of business and technological advancements.

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