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Today’s world is mostly ruled by smartphones and mobile applications. Through mobile, we can easily connect with one another, can purchase items online, and search for anything and any information. At the same time, there is another thing that is invading our personal life___ telemarketers and spam calls. To manage these unwanted calls, CallApp, a mobile platform is protecting users from unwanted calls and giving them the freedom to choose whom they want to talk to. Through its unique app, the company is transforming the mobile communication experience with universal Caller ID & communication ID, smart spam filter and call blocking, high-quality call recording, enhanced dialer, and social contact book. To enrich the communication experience, the company merges all the data from 70 different information sources including social networks and communication apps in an easy-to-use app.  

Comprehensive Caller ID Application with Multiple Features

A Caller ID application can help us in many ways and relieve the burden of answering unwanted calls. The Caller ID feature makes CallApp as one of the popular mobile application available in the market. With over 3 billion mobile and business numbers, CallApp provides free Caller ID and Call Blocker capabilities so that smartphone users can enjoy multiple features like block any unwanted phone calls, identify telemarketing calls, record phone calls, blacklist spam callers, and a lot more.

In simple terms, the mobile application lets users manage or record their calls with the highest quality for free. CallApp not only has the ability to identify over a billion unknown callers but also updates the contacts list by adding caller’s full information from their social media platforms. Through this application, the users receive a single interface from where they can access people and places efficiently. 

Overall Customer Satisfaction 

To satisfy the ever-changing demands of customers, CallApp is always changing and adapting to new trends. Through its unique development process, it modifies the application according to users’ requirements and delivers better experience regardless of how successful and renowned they have become. While upgrading CallApp features, the company ensures that every feature of the application is fully tested and is of the highest quality. The mobile app provider releases new features for its billions of users but not for their agenda. For CallApp, users always come first and that is why they are always in the development phase.

While CallApp is being widely used by billions of individuals, in the APAC region the users at South Korea are at the forefront of other countries. The South Korean population favors the application due to its unique feature of privacy as well as greatly contributes to the company’s revenue. They feel safe while using their smartphones. This shows that the company is helping users maintain their privacy and giving them relief from unwanted calls.

Staying Ahead of the Competitors  

To stay ahead of its competitors, the company needs to do something different, unique, and innovative with its products or services. Similarly, what sets CallApp apart from its competitors is its development strategy. To become a successful mobile service provider in the industry, the traditional development process is not of much help. Many companies out there release new updates every couple of months soon after the launch of their applications. However, CallApp is different from them due to its development cycles, which are shorter so that it can release new versions multiples times a month. The reason behind the shorter development process is its talented and experienced development team who put their best effort into developing the application.

The Craftsman behind CallApp

A common experience inspired the Founder and CEO, Amit On to bring CallApp into existence. Amit was in a very important meeting when his phone rang. However, the number was unknown and it was up to Amit whether he wants to answer that call or not. He assumed that the call might be an important one and answered, only to find out it was a spam call. Even though the information about the person who is calling is already publicly available, it makes no sense if you do not have that information. This was a turning point for him. He used smart data to create proprietary algorithms to develop CallApp. 

Presently, as the CEO of CallApp, Amit has numerous responsibilities to perform and challenges to tackle. For Amit, the most difficult part of his job is to manage the massive growth and scale of the company. Instead of targeting a specific market, the company aims for the global markets. Every day, Amit and his team members are growing and learning new things about themselves and their users. More importantly, they have learned to make a decision based on numbers and data. This decision-making technique is helping them to manage the growth and scale of CallApp.

Rapid Growth of Companies in the APAC Countries 

When asked about his views on the growth of companies in the APAC region, Amit shares, “Certain industries might not consider APAC as a booming region, but to the mobility industry, this region is growing at an alarming rate.” In addition, the technology of the APAC countries is also growing exponentially. At the same time, there is growth in the number of smartphone users. Through careful planning, Amit and his fellow team had already predicated this market scenario and have successfully managed to beat their majority of competitors in this area.

The Future Scope of the Mobility Industry

The communication industry has room for infinite growth and we see ourselves as a company that will pave the way for the future of it.” ___Amit On

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