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Google Cloud Health API

How Google Cloud Health API will Transform the Healthcare Industry in 2019?

The threads of the cloud computing phenomenon can be found ...
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Cloud computing in construction industry

The Untold Benefits of Cloud in the Construction Industry

With the arrival of advanced technologies, many industries are transforming ...
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healthcare industry

Prominence of Competition in the Healthcare Industry

In the vast spectrum of healthcare Industry, there are individual ...
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Variforrm Technology Solutions

Variforrm Technology Solutions: Promoting Seamless Communication between Businesses and Customers

Scalability, data security, cost reduction, and mobility are some of ...
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data center modernization

Find out how to succeed with data center modernization

As IT organizations consider their existing data center environments, they ...
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Patient approach

Patient-centric approach

Personal, Predictive and Positive for Patient, Care-giver & Healthcare sector ...
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cities with clean energy

5 Ways to Power Cities with Clean Energy

Intensifications of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases not only affected ...
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Predictive Analytics in HR

Predictive Analytics in HR: The game changer of traditional Human Resource processes

Organizations nowadays need to be foretelling and get information and ...
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Digital Marketing Industry

The Ultimate Secret of Machine Learning in the Digital Marketing Industry

Machine learning (ML) is one of the innovative technologies in ...
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Quantum Computing in 2019

Top 5 Key Drivers of Quantum Computing in 2019

Quantum computation is the extension of classical computation to the ...
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Blockchain in the Healthcare Sector: Can it solve the key problems of healthcare systems?

Due to innovative technologies, various industries are evolving and changing ...
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