Deepshikha Sharma

Deepshikha Sharma: A Mogul providing the Joy of Vision to Millions

In recent years, there has been a drastic rise in ...
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Nelly O Gedeon

Nelly O Gedeon: Making a Difference with Sustainable Tourism

In today’s tech-savvy world, starting a business is not a ...
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Karen Leong: A Philanthropic Leader Guiding the Dreams of the Achievers

Most entrepreneurs focus on profits. Some exceptional ones are able ...
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Prathima Inolu

Prathima Inolu: A New Gen-Leader Elevating the Designing Standards

Evidently, there is immense pressure on a leader, especially on ...
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Snehal Jain

Snehal Jain: A Cognizant Leader Helming the Human Resource

Arguably, the new generation companies are well balanced than traditional ...
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Kishor Sonawane: Leading the Information Security Industry with a Zeal

Today, with increased digitalization and the advent of modern technologies ...
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ViitorCloud Technologies: Instilling Innovation and Exceeding Excellence

ViitorCloud Technologies: Instilling Innovation and Exceeding Excellence

The gaming industry has been around for a long time, ...
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Joseph Sernio

Joseph Sernio: A Trailblazer Cultivating Modernization Using Traditional Strategies

Currently, when every single function and operation has been shaped ...
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Cachet Pharmaceuticals

Cachet Pharmaceuticals – Putting people first, always.

Tagline: Helps Catching Up With Good Health With the changing ...
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Abhimanyu Khanna

Abhimanyu Khanna: A Fervent Leader Delivering Engaging Experiences

Leadership is about working with people towards a goal. In ...
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Vast Dreams: Transforming your Business Vision into Flourishing Reality

The consulting industry continues to grow but not without pains. ...
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Sameer Baldota

Sameer Baldota: Committed To Build a Safe & Better World for Healthcare Industry

Since the advent of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is ...
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