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China reports no COVID-19 deaths for first time in three months

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The death curve continues to fall

Mainland China reported no new coronavirus deaths on Monday, for the first time in nearly three months. Since the beginning of March, the number of deaths has been trending downwards with China. This picture contrasts with the Europe and the U.S., where the pandemic is still rampant, and infections and death tolls are still growing. Neighboring Japan is also likely to declare emergency very soon.

Severe lockdowns, which slowed the progress of the disease in many parts of China, are slowly being lifted. In major cities, people are returning to their workplaces. However, other internal restrictions including a ban on cinemas reopening remain in place. Chinese authorities are now afraid of a new wave of infections brought into the country by Chinese nationals returning home from abroad and foreigners. Despite this, the country is continuing with repatriation flights for its 1.6 million nationals currently overseas.

New Asymptomatic cases

Mainland China witnessed 32 new cases of imported infections on Monday. Most of which are believed to have arrived from Russia. On Monday, testing also revealed 30 new asymptomatic cases. They are the people who have been infected, but show no symptoms. Figures on Sunday also revealed 78 asymptomatic cases. Many of them have been uncovered in Wuhan, the city which was the original center of the outbreak and has caused authorities to cancel the disease-free status accorded to more than 40 buildings in Wuhan.

The introduction of asymptomatic cases and the continuing trickle of imported infections of the virus are causing China to increase its external border controls despite the slow rate of new cases overall. Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday that land borders will be tightened and people giving false information about their health or travel history will face a battery of charges, fines and social restrictions.



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