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In the technologically-driven business world, organizations need to understand what kind of software solutions they can implement to make their business operate more effectively. These software solutions should be efficient, fast, and adaptable in any environment. With great technological innovations, portable electronic devices like iPads, smartphones, and laptops are helping organizations manage their business activities efficiently. Disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, AR, VR, etc., are also playing a significant role in streamlining business processes.

Organizations that are adopting cutting-edge technologies in their business operations tend to face challenges related to current tech innovations. To help companies accelerate the adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and manage ongoing innovations, Consagous Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading IT companies coming to the rescue of startups and SME’s. It is designing, developing, and delivering end-to-end web and mobile-based solutions to further prepare client companies for future challenges.

Mission to Support Organizations in the Modern Business Landscape

Established in 2008 by three IT professionals­­­––Mukesh Singh, Manoj Soni, and Rajesh Soni, Consagous Technologies is an IT service provider company that aims to create a transformative impact on businesses with agile work practices. The ethos behind incepting this company came into vision when the dynamic trio observed that integrating cutting-edge technologies is necessary to satisfy customer demands and also for business growth. More often than not, emerging companies are unable to leverage disruptive technologies due to a lack of sound financial infrastructure and other issues. Therefore, Consagous’ founders wanted to help start-up and SMEs by developing solutions that would readily accommodate agile market conditions.

In doing so, from conception to design to bug testing to final polishing, Consagous Technologies leads the entire cycle of developing solutions. It also provides ongoing support through emerging technologies such as mobile, cloud, IoT, wearables, Big Data, Dynamic 365, Salesforce on-demand, iBeacon, etc.

Comprehensive Range of IT Solutions

For diverse industries, Consagous Technologies offers a wide range of IT solutions which consists of Microsoft application development, open-source development services, custom software development, eCommerce solutions, IoT, software development services, and mobile application development. The company helps startups and brands with advanced trends like Business Intelligence, Big Data, AI, Salesforce, and Blockchain developments across various countries like the USA, Mexico, UAE, AU, and India. Moreover, according to the clients’ needs, the company develops unique, user-friendly, and easy to integrate end-products. While developing a mobile app, it follows an agile methodology with sprint cycles and detailed planning of the entire process. As per the scope of the project, the company schedules project delivery time and at the end of every sprint, it notifies its clients about the project progression and collects the client’s feedback on the same, which enables its team to deliver superior projects on-time.

Crafting Trusted & High-Performance Business Centric Mobile Applications

With its outstanding expertise in Web & Mobile Application Development, the team of Consagous proudly call themselves pros. Their words are highly supported by the applications they have developed. The following are some of their world-class enterprise applications.

CheapEatz: CheapEatz was formed for the dual purposes of providing great value to the customer by offering real-time discounts and to generate more traffic to restaurants during slow or non-peak hours. By offering attractive daily discounts during slow periods provides restaurateurs with steady traffic and increased visibility.

Otboo – The name Otboo is short for the On-Time Booking application. It is currently customized for doctors and allows a patient/user to book an appointment, add him in the queue & track his position using the live queue feature. The main purpose is to add users in the queue without being physically present in the queue.

6 Exceptional Attributes Driving Consagous towards Success

The unique selling point of a company is the key differentiator that separates one business from another “me too” competitor. Similarly, Consagous’s USP is based on the following six attributes:

Exceptional quality: The company fulfills world-class development standards by delivering bug-free IT solutions that can be easily integrated into the business ecosystem.

Affordable price: It delivers cost-competitive and reliable software development services that enable organizations to procure well-featured and scalable solutions.

Long-term relationship approach: The team of Consagous does not believe in merely completing projects and moving on. Instead, it fosters long-term relationships with client SMEs and startup ventures.

Team of Certified Experts: The experienced web and app development team of Consagous is focused and dedicated to their work and responsibilities.

End-user empathy: The managing team believes that their people are the foundation behind the company’s success. While respecting individual dignity, they promote teamwork and healthy work culture.

User experience-rich designs: Consagous’ solutions are seamless, attractive to look, and can be updated with ease.

Leading the Pack with Unique Traits

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things that will continue to dominate the marketplace. Therefore, to keep the pace with the cut-throat competition, organizations are trying their best to fulfill the increasing demands of the customers. If a company wants to become successful, it has to deliver tailored services according to clients’ needs, which will keep them ahead of the game.

Bearing customer satisfaction in mind, Consagous Technologies delivers a personalized experience that differentiates them from its competitors. In doing so, the expert team collects and studies data to find things that matter to their audience. To understand the customers’ preferences, they track their habits, follow their journey, and note their general interests. Additionally, the IT service providing company uses personal data to determine how its targeted clients or audience can become its customers so that they offer more personalized services. To make this happen, the visionary team of Consagous Technologies has prepared a strategic business proposal, which includes in-depth information detailing how it has helped other companies to achieve their branding and marketing goals.

Focusing on Enhancing Employees’ Experience

Consagous Technologies has a team of 100+ experts who are masters in their own fields. Since the beginning, the founding trio has shaped their company into a giant empire by respecting and supporting team decisions. They think as an organization and work together to achieve a common goal. Through their collective hard work and dedication, Consagous has become a successful IT solution provider in the industry. It also offers technical training to its designers and developers so they can update themselves with the latest technological trends.

Growth of Mobility Solutions in APAC region

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report of 2015-16, the APAC region is still a relocation hotspot. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has grown to become a dynamic engine of economic growth and one of the most important regional forums in the Asia-Pacific. Furthermore, its 21 member economies are home to around 2.8 billion people and represented approximately 59 percent of the world’s GDP and 49 percent of the world trade in 2015.

Because of APEC’s work, development has taken off in this region, with genuine GDP expanding from USD 19 trillion in 1989 to USD 42 trillion in 2015. Meanwhile, residents of the Asia-Pacific have witnessed their per capita income rise by 74 percent, lifting millions out of poverty and creating a growing middle-class status in just over two decades.

Within just half a century, the city-state of Singapore has transformed itself into one of Asia’s most competitive economies. As a result, this area has become appropriate to examine the current state and future of mobility in the APAC region. Consagous’ main clients reside in USA & Europe but it has also gained clients from the APAC region like Singapore, North-south Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Presently, the company is specifically targeting the US because of its strong global performance in the categories of business dynamism and financial systems.

Leaders of the Modern World

The founding trio has different roles and responsibilities to play at Consagous Technologies. Manoj Soni is the Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Singh is the President, while Rajesh Soni is the Vice President of the company. As well-qualified IT professionals, the trio is supporting their clients in reaching their goals and nurturing the company’s corporate culture. They help organizations in streamlining their business operations and increasing productivity. To ensure high efficiency in business workflow, the Co-founders always keep tabs on the latest market trends and skillfully adapt them to their infrastructure.

For Manoj, Mukesh, and Rajesh, founding and growing the company is probably one of the hardest things anyone could ever do and also the toughest part of their lives. In the initial days, the company was just an idea in their minds. But later, after collecting insights about the business and innovative products, services, and business models, they started capitalizing on it. Additionally, motivating employees is another challenge the trio face from time-to-time. To tackle this, they provide employees with the best-of-the-best technology toolset that assists them to simplify and strategize their working processes more effectively.

The Future Scope of the Mobility Industry

“The proliferation of the mobility industry in the next five years will deliver unprecedented access to information, improved productivity and collaboration, and increased engagement for organizations”.___ Manoj Soni

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