DeafTawk: Bridging The Hearing Gap

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Ali Shabbar and Wamiq Hasan have developed a mobile application that goes by the name ‘ DeafTawk ’ which makes it easier for the deaf community to communicate via a sign language. They designed this application for the community to interpret and understand at a quite affordable cost, to eradicate hurdles in communication for the deaf community.  

Growing up in Pakistan, Ali and Waqim were well-aware of the barriers faced by the disabled people to be successful. The tagline of DeakTawk is ‘Bridge the gap’. The sole inspiratiojn between the designing of such an application was to connect all the deaf people in the world via their phones. Their success story is very encouraging as they started in 2018 with two interpreters and zero customers. But as of now, they have more than 1,100 interpreters and helped nearly 18,000 people in Singapore and Pakistan.

Heart-warming opportunities! 

Their most exciting and motivating achievement was getting nominated by Google for  Google for Startups Accelerator, that is a three-month online program to support startups working on social, economic and health problems across various regions. This boosted their confidence and Ali along with Wamiq started looking out for more opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise in AI and machine learning.

In the past couple of months, Wamiq and Ali have attended plenty of workshops and worked with different Google mentors that helped them refine their business strategy. These workshops also helped them monitor their strategies and engage investors in a more targeted manner for assurance. The mentors have supported the company throughout all the obstacles and challenges. 

Inspiring projects launched by DeafTawk!

DeafTawk was offered with plenty of opportunities that allowed the entire team to come in contact with the experts in the tech community. Moreover, the most fascinating fact was that Google and its AI team was working with DeafTawk to develop a prototype for their sign language interpretation solution, which would provide the option to use a bot that can automatically sign based on text or voice inputs. They are hoping to launch this by the end of 2024 where the sole aim of the company is to reach out to 250,000 users.

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