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PUBG India To Strike Back

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PUBG, a first-person shooting online game was recently banned by the Indian government. In a new twist of events, PUBG’s parent company has made a new announcement to launch it in an all-Indian Avatar soon that will be called PUBG India. The new announcement also comes with a host of goodies to appeal to the Indian consumer. The new launch will require government approval which has not yet been finalized. 

The PUBG ban was a huge blow to the company, as India remains one of the biggest markets for the game. Moreover, during the sanction period, an Indian company launched the teaser of FAUG, to target former PUBG players. The new announcement by the PUBG parent company promises to address the setback with some promising measures. 

The new PUBG India version will come with a dedicated support team with an Indian address. PUBG’s parent company, Krafton, Inc. announced an investment of $100 million in India, with new hiring on the ground. The company will also invest in the local video game, entertainment, and IT industry in the upcoming future. 

The Age-Old Question – Do Bans Work?

The ban for PUBG was a major highlight for many reasons. The Indian government cited ‘national security’ as a key reason for the ban. The move also highlighted India’s growing dependence on foreign makers for game development, among others. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently noted the huge potential for gaming in India, and around the world. 

It is estimated that at the peak of its popularity, PUBG clocked in nearly $5-6 million from its Indian operation alone. Moreover, the revenues from the Indian market are often on the lower side as compared to their global counterparts. However, Indian companies still lag in quality game development on the global stage. 

Furthermore, the new launch of PUBG India also raises some unique questions about government bans concerning technology. Despite the hype surrounding the ban, a desktop version of PUBG remained viable to play for Indian players. This raises questions about the technical efficacy of such bans. But, this uncertain water isn’t a spot any company would land themselves into. The PUBG game was removed from Google Play store, and Apple store immediately after the ban.

A New Beginning Awaits PUBG Gamers 

PUBG India version will likely bring some more excitement for players. The new version will also include some gameplay changes. For example, all characters will be fully-clothed from the beginning. Moreover, blood will be displayed in green color as opposed to red. The game will also feature healthy gameplay encouragement for players.

PUBG India recently made a reappearance on social media with various teasers featuring some of the best Indian PUBG gamers. The teaser featuring Jonathan, Dynamo, among others hosting a banner of ‘coming soon’.  The fate of PUBG still hangs in balance in India as it awaits a government nod to resume operation. However, with its new plans to invest in India, PUBG’s strike back may have already found its mark.

Check out the official trailer of the game:

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