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Over the last decade, e-learning has emerged as a revolution in the educational industry. With increased proliferance of internet-based technologies, it has become almost impossible to learn anything without using some form of digital technology. Presently, learning by default includes some form of digital, at least digital documents, or online readings. Thus the general interpretation of e-learning as ‘electronic’ learning is insufficient. e-learning rather stands for engaging, entertaining, enthusiastic, emotional, energizing, enjoying, and effective way of learning.

Established in 2016, e-Wyse has been toiling to include the new ‘es’ to the e-learning since its inception. eWyse specializes in creating custom e-learning content for its clients. The company is using all of its knowledge, experience, and expertise to stay on top of the trends and deliver up-to-date e-learning solutions that fit the clients’ needs. It strives to utilize the latest technology in the areas of communication, collaboration, graphic design, motion graphics, multimedia, and IT development for better customer experience.

Full Range of Custom Solutions

When it comes to e-learning implementation, eWyse offers a full range of custom solutions. The solutions are beautifully designed with simplistic minimalist approach that complements the clients’ fabulous learning and development content. The services provided by the company can be divided in two main different areas, i.e. Custom e-Learning Course Production and Custom Learning Management System Development.

Moreover, eWyse provides solutions such as Micro Learning, Mobile Learning, Explainer Videos, 360 Video, Blended Learning, Gamification, and Learning Management System. In 2020, eWyse has been voted as one of the best e-learning agencies in the world specifically for its Rapid Learning and Blended Learning Solutions. These solutions are provided across various industry sectors around the globe such as banking and finance, fintech, pharmaceutics, manufacturing, hospitality, IT, and various types of NGOs. Thus eWyse covers a major part of the industry with its solutions.

The 3C Approach

The USP of eWyse is its unique approach towards its clients. The company has developed a unique industry-leading approach to e-learning solution development, called 3C. It stands for Process Control, Creative Control, and Financial/Investment Control.

  • Creative Control:

Having control over the creative process from beginning can be contradictory, however, it is one of the most important elements to consider. It is especially relevant when deciding upon which e-learning agency to partner with. Forming a dynamic and trustworthy creative team that includes the company and its externally-appointed agencies bring numerous benefits such as reduction in wasted time, decrease in stress, and the maintenance of the company’s credibility in the marketplace.

  • Process Control

Process control empowers the company during the entire life cycle of the project. In a similar way to the element of creative control, establishing authority over the development process is also necessary for a company to reach its objectives. There are several advantages of process control such as optimized budget, internal control, alignment with the L&D process, etc.

  • Financial Control

Keeping financial control allows a company to maintain full supervision of its budget and keep in line with its fiscal objectives. Especially, the L&D projects are extremely difficult to budget. Companies often experience a frequent feeling of exasperation when the project guide price doesn’t meet with vague, ballpark figures. Previously, these numbers were rarely accompanied with any level of detail, there was no breakdown of what was included and no way companies could understand the costs if their requirements were to change. Financial control has overcome these issues up to a considerable extent. Numerous advantages of financial control include no wasted time, boost in trust between the company and its partners, maintenance of internal credibility, etc.

The 3C approach is a thoroughly client-centric approach. Each part of this approach has been tried and tested to give the best possible experiences to the clients and is indeed turning out to be effective for them.

A Result-Driven and Enthusiastic Leader

Mario Buljan, the Founder and CEO of eWyse, is contributing to the company’s prowess since its inception. Mario is certified in delivering several trainings in sales, leadership skills, creativity, and innovation as well as many other personal development skills. Moreover, he excels in negotiation skills and sales training, and successfully aids HR managers in mastering the measurement of success of the education on the organizations.

At the start of his career, he worked for 15 years on a wide range of jobs and projects through various industries and fields. His career in education started in 2009 when he started working as a business trainer. He successfully worked for seven years as a corporate trainer and while working there, he realized the advantages of modern technology. He noticed that the whole education world was turning to the utilization of digital technologies to increase efficiency in the knowledge transfer and this was his inspiration behind founding eWyse. He also idolizes maestros like Sir Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, and Ayrton Senna and calls them the inspiration behind his and company’s success.

Outplaying the Challenges

The challenges faced by eWyse are both internal and external. The internal challenges include matching with the changing industry trends, serving with the same high level of quality, and planning the growth of the company strategically and tactically. Moreover, there are some external challenges too. For example, educating the market about new technologies, trends, and potential solutions has become essential now as organizations know that they need to embrace new trends in e-learning, but sometimes they lack the knowledge and the latest information. As a solution provider, eWyse has started the development of a series of e-learning courses. The company teaches its clients all they need to know when e-learning development comes into place.

Seamlessly Integrating with Every Client

Demand for digital solutions in educational systems is increasing significantly and it includes all the areas from the corporate sector over formal and informal school education systems to non-profit organizations. Till the inception of e-learning, education was considered as a privilege for wealthier societies in economically more developed countries. However, e-learning solutions have enabled education to reach almost anyone anywhere and are making a significant impact on the global society.

Thus in the near future, the solution providers are expected to face challenges like rapid delivery response and fast turnaround with high delivery quality. eWyse has put a lot of effort in this area. The company has developed a detailed development process that enables it to seamlessly integrate with every client. The company often says, “We are your remote e-learning development department,” and this is the reason why it is regarded as one of the best rapid e-learning providers.

Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The disastrous outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global market scenario altogether. Many things are getting done by working remotely and education is also not an exception. With many advantages like reduction in travelling time, cost reduction, and easy process, the obvious growth of the e-learning industry is expected to speed up. This has opened up several opportunities for various solution providers and eWyse is ready to provide its market-leading solutions to its customers.

A piece of Advice

When asked about an advice for students, Mario quoted Henry Ford’s sentence, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

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