Foods That Help to Reduce Temperature

10 Types of Foods That Help to Reduce Temperature

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How well our bodies control heat is determined by their temperature. As everyone knows, the key to regulating our body temperature in the heat is to drink plenty of water.

Generally speaking, the autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus are in charge of preserving our body’s normal temperature. However, when our body temperature rises, it is known as heat stress and is frequently brought on by things like the foods we eat and the rise in outside temperature and knowing what to eat in fever is crucial .

So, how might heat stress be managed? recognising this and altering our way of living by including some cooling foods for our bodies. Continue reading to learn more!

Best Cooling Foods for Body:

Do you want to know what type of body cooling foods keep your body temperature low? The answer would be, in a word, hydration. It is not necessary to limit your hydration to water, though; you can also add a few cooling foods to your diet to help your body feel better. Come discover some of the greatest foods we can add to your diet this summer to help you reduce body temperature!

1. Coconut Water: Tender coconut water comes to mind when we are asked to mention something that is as fulfilling and thirst-quenching as water. To assist your body cope with the intense summer heat, try some soft coconut water, which is low in calories and sugar and high in electrolytes. It’s a wonderfully nutritious and delicious beverage.

2. Watermelon: Watermelon comes next because it’s one of the best foods for cooling off. If you’ve ever had watermelon or fresh watermelon juice (without any added sugar) after a hot summer day, you’ll understand what we mean. Watermelons are an excellent addition to any summertime diet because of their high water content (92%), antioxidant value, and amino acid content.

3. Mint: Mint leaves not only help with digestion but are also one of the finest foods for cooling the body because of their cooling qualities, which improve body temperature regulation and leave you feeling refreshed.

4. Banana: Bananas, like watermelons, are excellent for the body’s cooling process because of their ability to increase moisture, eliminate toxins, and reduce “heat” in the intestines.

5. Buttermilk: This nutritious drink has vital vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to keep our bodies cool even in the most intense heat. Having a glass of buttermilk every day, or even twice a day, can aid in body cooling. To naturally cool your body and replenish your energy, try sipping a glass of cold buttermilk.

6. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are high in water content, much like watermelons. They are also a great source of fibre, which can help alleviate constipation—a common issue during the summer or when body temperature rises. Not only is cucumber a popular ingredient in salads, but it’s also utilised in exfoliating facials and eye massages. It also aids in the body’s reduction of extra calories because it is 95% water. An ideal companion for summer!

7. Lemon Water: Studies have indicated that the high vitamin C content of lemons can help reduce body temperature. In the summer, it can also help the body feel more energised and refreshed by moisturising and oxygenating it.

Additionally, it is a crucial component of our electrolyte. Juice one-half of a lemon, add a bit of salt and ½ tsp of sugar (to taste), and blend with cold water to make lemon juice. In this manner, you incorporate all the components that your body can use as a natural electrolyte.

8. Celery: Next on the list of foods that chill the body best in the summer are celeries, which are packed with health advantages. Packed with essential minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus, celery is around 95% water. This amazing vegetable can help you maintain both a healthy detoxified body and adequate hydration.

9. Multivitamin capsules: Multivitamin capsules can help lower body temperature indirectly by boosting immunity. Certain vitamins, such as zinc and vitamin C, may strengthen the immune system and aid the body in fending against infections that result in fever.

10. Indian Bael Juice: Loaded with nutrition and anti-fungal properties, the juice from Bael fruit is also one of the best coolant drinks for summers.


It is inevitable to step outside during the day, no matter how hot it gets. With a few minor lifestyle changes, we can help our bodies handle the heat more effectively.

Some of the finest cooling meals for your body are those on the above list, which will assist your body stay at a normal temperature and support internal moisture. Above all, don’t forget to eat healthily, remain hydrated, and drink plenty of water.

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