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India falls short in delivering proper health care facilities, even in 2018

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The healthcare services in India have always been a major concern for its ever-increasing population. It continues to fall short in providing quality care, healthcare facilities, medical supplies and financial accessibility. There is a shortage of qualified doctors, inadequate medical provisions, lack of fundings and inadequate drug supply.

Recent reports by the global management firm, Bain & Company suggested, “India’s per capita public and private health care spending in 2016 was $87, compared with $10,203 in the US and $471 in China. Indians use their personal savings to pay for more than 62% of their OOP health care expenses. This figure compares with 13.4% in the US and 54% in China.”

The report further commented on the shortage of educated staff and insufficient medical supplies. Statistics show that, for every 1,000 people, only 0.8 hospital beds are available in India, whereas in developed countries like U.S and China, there are 2.8 beds and 3.5 beds, respectively.

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To make the matter worse, there is a scarcity of about 81% well-trained specialists and medical personnel in rural areas.

Moreover, the healthcare report indicates that providers incur significant costs of accreditation, quality up-gradation and maintenance, recruiting and building clinical teams. That cost is often designated to standard consumables and diagnostic tests, which angers their patients.

The report recommends that providers could instead take a different approach by focussing on delivering differential value to patients through an ability to handle greater complexity and superior outcomes, then charging differentially for those procedures and specialties.

There is a dire need to improve the medical facilities, provide qualified doctors and supply financial back-up for both the rural and urban settings. The Indian government should design proper healthcare schemes for its population.

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