Hiring Program Pandemic Crisis

Company Boosts its Hiring Program during Pandemic Crisis

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[24]7.ai is a customer engagement solutions provider that has thrown a basket of opportunities to aspiring employees. It has undertaken this crucial operation amidst the crisis situation rendered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Helping Hand for the Economy

The customer solutions provider has revved up the hiring process to reach a workforce figure of 6000 in India. The total people incorporated into [24]7.ai stand at 2500. These people are primarily located at its Bangalore and Hyderabad facilities.

[24]7.ai embarked on its hiring venture mainly via social media platforms, employee referrals, consultants and job portal applications. The induction and integration process was conducted online. At present, more than 80% employees are working from home.

Employees have already started executing their job responsibilities. The roles for which the company hired people include customer care executives. They use voice, chat, and blended messages to handle clients all around the world.

Animesh Jain is [24]7.ai’s chief delivery officer for India and the Americas. He elaborated how they endured the throes of an altered business landscape during lockdown. “We gradually shifted from survival mode to strategy mode and found an opportunity in this new way of working,” he said.

Employee Benefits

Employees have been benefitted by facilities provided by the company. [24]7.ai has taken care of fully-loaded and compatible computers, corporate broadband and mobile phone reimbursement.

The company has also launched employee engagement programs for motivating their workers. These include Radio [24]7, virtual awards nights, expert talks, and an online music platform. They have also added mental health awareness programs and yoga and meditation sessions.

A health office has been created to further ensure the well-being of workers. It keeps track of the health of all employees and their families. Employee engagement and happiness quotient are also observed via audits regularly run by the health office.

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