How Big Data is becoming a pathfinder for digital marketing?

Technology is influencing every strata of human life. Right from countries, businesses, social organizations and even a common man’s day-to-day life. Digital technologies have left no stone unturned. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter are constantly influencing our minds, thoughts, and concepts. It has become a common ritual to consult reviews, follow updates and suggestions from social networking and online websites before purchasing even a common product. Personal views, likings, and judgments are no longer ours. Rather, we are totally engulfed and bestowed by the digital storm.

Service providers, manufacturers, and businessmen are adopting and welcoming the innumerable benefits of digital marketing. The term digital marketing is defined as an advertisement for an item or product using online platforms such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. These marketing services are offered through a wide range such as paid services, search engine optimization, AdWords and marketing via emails, mobile applications, contents, along with marketing automation and the most influential platform of social media.

A decade ago, right before the digital storm, the job of a marketing agent was to design captivating ads, tag lines, and jingles which were broadcasted through television, newspapers, magazines, and billboards. But due to digitization, the marketers are compelled to use these platforms. Adding to the delight and surprise of the retailers, an overwhelming response has been garnered with the generation of tons of data. This collected data is highly beneficial for producers to strategize and implement plans targeting appropriate customers and captivate new insights on competitors and rivals.

But, how do we understand this massive amount of created data? How does this collected data influence digital marketing? Is it just a fad? Are there any current processing tools to analyze and simply this complex data? There are innumerable questions and just one solid answer — Big Data Analytics Solutions. Big Data untangles the huge amount of processed data and uncovers the hidden patterns and correlations which in turn provide insights on intricate data. The analyzed data becomes instrumental in identifying future opportunities, delivering accurate results and maintaining customer retention.

The following are the most important mediums through which Big Data influences digital marketing.

  1. Content visualization:

Due to the easy accessibility of the internet, retailers and marketers are finding new ways to understand the analyzed data. Real-time data visualization tools are useful in checking the number of buyers, requirements of customers, and preferences.

  1. Customer care:

Analyzing the real-time data using Big Data tools will give an insight into target consumer base, troubleshooting, implementation of new policies and elevating the company’s turnover. The data will also help the dealers to provide prompt customer care services and maintaining their brand’s standard.

  1. Low cost and simplified data services

It is not possible for every company to purchase the high & mighty analytical tools. Owing to this, data analytics as a service (DaaS) has been introduced to provide similar high-quality services to small companies and start-up businesses at a lower cost. Since financial backup becomes a limitation for many firms, DaaS charges, according to the volumes of data that is being processed.

  1. Planning the future

Data generated over a decade can prove to be worthy of planning future strategies. One can duck the pitfalls and losses by visualizing the previously summarized data and implement better, resourceful and accurate policies.

Big Data offerings

Using the following data sources, one can plan their future ventures systematically.

  1. Social Media platforms: With the increased use of networking sites, it becomes easier for marketers to reach out to their customers. In addition, social networking sites such as Facebook enable the customers to share, like, check-in, comment on the featured company’s posts. This results in publicity and elevation of brand value.
  2. Search engine optimization: Data extracted from the browser’s activity is used to detect search information, customer’s response, and intent.
  3. Audience poll: Due to high-speed internet connectivity and continuous usage of social media, Crowdsourcing applicability has become common. Using this process, surveys and polls are conducted to accumulate information from the common man in terms of views and preferences for various purposes.
  4. Tracking the online affairs: Here, information is generated based on the online transactions made by people. These could be financial, logistical or other related processes. Big Data enables ventures to know about the financial status and outlook towards currently available market services.

Big Data analytics deliver massive information on how to target quality consumers who are ready to purchase your products along with their preferences and requirements. Therefore, it becomes much easier once we get an insight into our customers. Accordingly, strategies and plans can be devised to establish a loyal clientele base in a short time with minimum hiccups. In short, Big Data plays a mega role in digital marketing and its services.

Mrs.Anuja Mulmule (Content Writer)

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