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The digitization of the marketing industry has overturned traditional formats and led to an increased demand for personalized consumer experiences. Today, many companies understand the significance of digital channels to elevate profitability and even the very future of their businesses. To survive in the cut-throat competition, modern organizations have started embracing innovative technologies to enhance their marketing solutions for every customer. They have also begun endorsing their services and products to attract and target more number of customers. One such organization with its unique and promising portfolios is IdeateLabs, which offers top-notch marketing solutions for the digital world.

IdeateLabs Offering a Blend of Techno Creative Digital Marketing Solutions

IdeateLabs is an organization comprising of a bunch of live-wire professionals, who have the right experience, drive, vision, and willpower to take challenges head-on. Initiated in 1997, IdeateLabs started its journey when digital marketing was not even a solid concept and the digital media industry was still in its early stages of development. During that period, the leading digital marketing company realized the industry’s potential and believed that technology and creativity could be merged together to deliver high-impact solutions.

IdeateLabs believes that a strong campaign is the one that is integrated across different platforms, mediums and is custom-made for every customer present on each medium. The company’s ideology is to blend technology and creativity to develop bespoke solutions and hence its team spares no efforts to achieve this with all their campaigns. In fact, its logo embodies the same, with red representing creativity and black representing the foundation that holds it together.                                                                        

The creative marketing company specializes in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, website developments, mobile content, rich media solutions, tracking and analytics, gaming, strategic consultancy, online branding, development services, application development, and content marketing. To date, it has worked with over 200+ customers who are well-known Indian and international labels, offering a wide-ranging portfolio of services spanning across 17 business verticals.

A Versatile Leader Managing All Business Operations

Amit Tripathi, the Managing Director, established IdeateLabs to offer customized and targeted marketing solutions for every client and for every business need. At IdeateLabs, one of its core values is “Think and Act like Owners”. Here, each employee is encouraged to develop their thinking like business owners. While reasoning like an owner, they gain deeper insights of challenges faced by them, and accordingly they make their decisions as per their clients’ marketing needs. As a Managing Director of IdeateLabs, Amit has several responsibilities, out of which his favorite part is to work with people from different backgrounds. As a versatile leader, Amit holds 18+ years of experience and is armored with skills such as online marketing, strategic planning, digital strategy, business planning, and mobile marketing. Amit also confesses that he will not change a thing if given a chance to go back in time and alter anything at IdeateLabs. Along with that, he believes that the mistakes they made and the lessons they learned throughout their journey have made IdeateLabs a prominent digital marketing company in the industry.

IdeateLabs’s Culture Motivates, Guides, and Grants Freedom

An organization’s culture comprises of beliefs and behaviors that influence how employees and management interact with one another and how they handle their business transactions. Ultimately, it embodies the core values of the company which each of the team members mimics. Amit and IdeateLabs’s employees believe that if you love what you do, you would love doing it. The Mumbai, Maharashtra-based company hires those individuals who are talented in their fields and genuinely love their work. IdeateLabs offers equal opportunities to its employees, freedom to express their ideas and suggestions as well as increases their spirits. Amit with his skilled team is always ready to guide and mentor those who need it as well as just sit with them and talk over a promising idea or concept, which they can implement. Amit’s firm motivates, sustains an environment of continuous learning and has regular ideation sessions where they encourage their team to share bright ideas, which they can execute.

Blueprint for Expanding and Strengthening its Footprint

Growth is one of the most eminent business objectives for any firm. No matter what type of corporation or business, there always seems to be a need for further expansion. The growth of a company depends on several factors, which include the owners’ ambitions, the markets, the current size, and the ownership structure of the company. As a forward-thinking digital marketing company, IdeateLabs is currently in its expansion mode and swiftly augmenting its business portfolio. In the coming days, following are the main focused areas where the company is going to work on:

  • Introduce new businesses, IPs, and expand their clients’ portfolios in various platforms and mediums.
  • IdeateLabs will highlight its work across relevant industry platforms and increase its trade and media share of voice.
  • Fortify its footprint in the international/APAC regions.

Recognizing and Fulfilling Audiences’ Wants and Needs in the Digital World

A modern marketing manager needs to consider a lot while creating a perfect marketing mix. Amit thinks that the tide is shifting towards interactive audio-visual content in the digital marketing industry. In this industry, engagement is a vital key to communicate with customers. It is necessary for organizations to keep audiences engaged with interesting content. Over the past few months, Amit witnessed that the content which inspires audiences to engage is more likely to leave a mark. However, as a marketer, Amit believes that rather than following trends, one should follow what their audiences want and need for good campaigns. To build successful campaigns for customers, thorough insights are required which can be derived by understanding what the consumer wants.

Ascend of Digital and Virtual Mediums in the Digital Marketing Industry

Being an entrepreneur & digital marketer, Amit is currently witnessing what can be described as the golden age of the Internet, happening not just in APAC regions but all over the world. The media sector has taken a remarkable twist, with digital and virtual mediums gaining prominence over traditional ones. Noticing these changes, Amit shares that in India, there is an outstanding growth in digital marketing spends and is foretold to continue to grow at a rapid speed. This growth is attributing to over half a billion internet consumers in India, which are growing in numbers and by the end of 2019, it is expected to reach close to 650 million. Furthermore, Amit feels that with the internet becoming cheaper and more available to everyone, individuals from rural areas are becoming more digitally-savvy, thereby opening up a whole new demographic for digital marketing executives.

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