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The emergence of the tech-savvy market in the APAC region has attracted global brands to invest and expand their presence. Likewise, the local startup ecosystem is giving rise to healthy competition as it is raising the bar of quality and service affordability. On the products front, the mobile industry is also witnessing a rapid change and growth and resulting in a strengthening of the internet infrastructure throughout the region. Thus, to be in the competition and secure a dominant position in this fast and ruthless environment, digital marketing has undeniably become a necessity for every organization.

With extensive expertise and experience of working with different startups, India-based DigiOn assists clients in building a strong online presence. It understands their requirements and strives to simplify challenges and complexities in their digital marketing journey. DigiOn offers trends, ideas, and information at an affordable price range and also enables the clients to leverage the power of the internet to its fullest extent possible. Focused on medium and small business enterprises (MSME’s) who believe in making a positive difference in the world, DigiOn supports them to market their business brands online.

Since inception, DigiOn has worked closely with clients as a trusted marketing solution provider.  We have also gone ahead and worked closely with businesses as marketing solution providers by strategizing and executing plans not limited to digital. We look at marketing as a holistic offering by including offline/ ATL channels like radio, print, and so on depending on needs of the product, offerings and the business.

The Dedicated Navigator, Safeguarding Startups from Malpractices

The rise of malpractices due to the rapid transformation of the digital world is misleading creative startups. To protect the brands from such fraudulent activities, DigiOn is on a mission to offer transparent services to its clients. The Founder and CEO of DigiOn, Amit Kumar is completely aware of such activities. He comments, “A startup fails not because of the product but, because of the wrong marketing approach.” Such an incorrect marketing approach and misdirection issues were the main motivators for Amit to establish DigiOn. The company remains committed to its customers and keeps them ahead of competitors with a range of digital marketing services. It offers services like website designing, social media marketing, Google Ads, SEO, custom-tailored recommendations, etc. which further facilitates clients to improve their online presence and performance. To achieve a result-oriented digital plan for businesses, DigiOn creates a perfect mix of digital strategies. These solutions and strategies work as the 360-degree approach for businesses and act as a key differentiator between DigiOn and its competitors from the same domain.

Founder’s Concerted Efforts, Adding Values to DigiOn Services

To assist clients in realizing their objectives efficiently, Amit and his team at DigiOn aim to deliver quality services to clients and partners with the provision of stimulating strategies, research-based experiences, and implementation platform. Presently, DigiOn has become an assembly of a team where dedicated individuals are working for medium, small businesses and various startups. Amit believes that “You give your best only when you love and enjoy what you do.” Therefore, he empowers his team members to follow their passion and always tries to add value to the DigiOn services. These efforts, in turn, uphold their clients’ businesses to flourish and succeed in the cutthroat market.

As the founder of DigiOn, Amit is on the mission to offer end to end digital marketing services to their clients at affordable pricing. They know that the success of any business is determined by their ability to retain existing clients while continue to gain the trust of new customers. Therefore, the DigiOn team gives exceptional importance to clients and provides honest and transparent services which enable them to have multifold revenue. At the present stage, Amit and his team are catering to IT & Digital Marketing Service needs of clients from various sectors like EdTech, Home Decor, FinTech, Software Solutions, Hardware, Skin & Hair, Travel, Cyber Security, Life Insurance, and Quality & Compliance. They are successfully assisting them at every stage from building a website to lead generation to sales process augmentation.

Culture of Change, Preparing DigiOn Team to Fight Challenges

Behind the productive team of DigiOn, the company culture always plays a crucial role. According to Amit, company culture is what makes the firm unique. DigiOn follows a culture of change because it is inevitable in the current market situation. Following the wave of change, the team of DigiOn always embraces progressive transformation and continues to keep up with the latest evolutions. Stating about his constantly learning team, Amit proudly says, “My team of passionate, young, and innovative minds which works with integrity and a sense of ownership does not settle for anything but excellence in work.” Further, utilizing their creativity and innovation, Amit and his team at DigiOn are moving ahead with commendable and award-winning services in digital marketing.

“Real expertise is when we start doing the same things differently,” says Amit

With a combined experience of more than 25 years in Digital Marketing, Web Designing & Development, DigiOn is creating digital success stories for ambitious businesses. When asked if he had an opportunity to start the business again, Amit asserted, “I believe that the services offered by DigiOn Solutions are quite unique and if I had the opportunity to start this business again, I would like to keep continuing the good work with innovative approach and improvements.” Further, from his prior experiences, Amit learned that real expertise is when one starts doing the same things differently and focus on augmenting the value of services. Presently, DigiOn is planning to increase its foothold in the industry with the value-added approach and improvements to match the most complex requirements of clients.

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