Impact of Coronavirus on Education: The Emergered Opportunities and Obstacles

Impact of Coronavirus on Education

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Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live today. New challenges are brought forth by it, along with existing ones. The only viable solution to prevent the spread of this deadly virus is to implement social-distancing and keep a healthy lifestyle. To implement social-distancing, countries across the world have placed lockdown leading to the near-total closures of schools, universities, and colleges along with businesses. As a result, numerous issues affecting access to education, as well as broader socio-economic issues emerged. These issues need to be addressed by governments as soon as possible.

Many education institutes adopted various technologies and tools to deliver quality education to everyone. However, the result is not up to the mark. Despite the use of distance learning programs and open educational applications and online learning platforms, not every student is receiving education because of their financial condition and the digital divide. The impact of coronavirus is further causing adverse consequences on students’ development (personal and learning). Let’s take a look at how the education ecosystem is being impacted so far:

Emerged Challenges Due To Impact of Coronavirus

Different Causes behind Delays

The increasing influence of the coronavirus pandemic is putting immense pressure on institutes and universities. Mandatory exams and admissions to the school are being delayed throughout the country. In response to the virus, some states have decided to cancel or delay required exams, while others are considering extending the school year due to delays and often missed school days.

Another factor causing delay is embracing of new teaching style by staff and teachers through online education platforms. This involves learning how to use online resources, finding out how to adapt hands-on learning materials or discussion-oriented courses to the digital platforms, and potentially modifying the whole learning program oriented on being unable to move it to an online platform.

Emerging Obstacles for Staff and Students

As college and university staff learn how to turn their lessons into online channels, both students and staff are learning how to manage remote learning and communication. Technology has already played a significant role in enhancing education quality. However, the forced shift from the classroom model to an online learning model has caused many people to struggle with technological difficulties. At the same time, they have to cope up with the new challenges of studying at home as well as learning how to create a productive schedule outside of the school environment.

Low-Income Families

Fortunately, many school system offers essentials such as food and healthcare facilities to children whose family incoming is low. Due to coronavirus pandemic, countless children are left without regular meals with schools canceled, and parents are forced to take off work to care for their young children. While many schools continue online, many students have no access to computers or the internet at home. Most students would be forced to miss out on their education without the appropriate equipment before more options can be arranged.

Concentration Difficulties for Every Student

Younger students and children with ADHD or other special needs find it hard to concentrate on online educational tools on full capacity. Young kids need in-person guidance assistance and can find it challenging to focus on a screen in a traditional frontal class. Students with special needs, who often rely on in-person teaching, can find moving to online platforms especially hard. These challenges may require a more nuanced approach to online learning or may require parents’ extra support as these students move through a new educational paradigm.

Other Opportunities for Receiving Education

Online Learning Platforms

As previously mentioned, many colleges and universities are adopting online education platforms to conduct their regular classes. This includes the use of online tools, such as group video programs, that allow teachers and students to meet and conduct classes over the internet.

Free Online Courses

Because of the pandemic, and the disruption of regular education, several online educational sites have been advertising-free courses for stuck at home students around the world. Companies like Scholastic and Coursera promote free online courses to allow students to continue learning at home, and websites like UNESCO and Openculture create lists of free online courses and tools for anyone wanting to learn at home.

Parental Care

With young children returning from school at home and upsetting their daily routines, parents need to make plans for children who would usually be in school. They need to help younger children manage the school on the internet and with online lessons and other necessary areas. With the aid of power supply, teachers’ and students’ digital skills, internet access, digital learning, high and low technology solutions, etc., need to be explored.


The world is changing and will continue to do so in the future. At the moment, the world needs an effective educational practice for building young minds. Governments across the globe need to take some initiatives to ensure the delivery of quality education to every child. But, limiting the spread of coronavirus is also very important. So till then stay safe, stay at home!

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