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India to provide quality education in accordance with the modern times

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India ranks second in the world’s population with an estimated1. 3 million people. Over 50% of this population is comprised of youth.

Recently, a Sixth Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) was conducted in Dubai to scrutinize and debate the current scenario of the world’s educational system. It was suggested that India should reconstruct and modernize its educational system by keeping up with the current times.

Aditya Nataraj, Founder director Kaivalya Education Foundation commented, “A relook at the India education sector is inevitable given that the current system was developed in the pre-Independence era for just five percent of the population and that too for clerical roles, with no room for creativity or promoting social reorganization.”

He further suggested that a shift from a system of monitoring, inspection, and suspension to one that enables, empowers, and inspires young people is essential.

Principal MET Rishikul Vidyalaya, Kavita Sanghvi added that the biggest challenge before policymakers was to bring on par all three tiers of schools state boards, national and international education providers. She also called for stronger synergies between industry and educational providers.

India needs to formulate newer policies to uplift its educational sector by reforming its concepts. Also, these policies must include financial relief for underprivileged youth.

CEO of non-profit organization Teach for India, Shaheen Mistri stated, “This includes a five-step approach of creating safe spaces for voices, promoting the spirit of partnership between educators and kids, view children as change-makers of today, driving regional and national dialogue on equity in education, and encouraging experiments in reimagining education.”

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