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Infosys Emplacing an Automotive Innovation Park in Germany

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Key Highlights:

  • – The new centre unites auto and IT experts in a single field of knowledge, skills and innovation all around Germany.
  • – The process will take place in Infosys Automotive and Mobility GmbH & Co. KG, focusing on decarbonizing.
  • – The centre will support the German automobile company on its transformation path to the hybrid cloud as part of the strategic relationship between Infosys and Daimler.

Daimler Expert Cords to Head the Stuttgart Digital Centre

With its Strategic Commitment to Innovation and IT Innovation Transformation in the Sector. So, Infosys has inaugurated its Automotive Digital Technology and Innovation Centre in Stuttgart, Germany. The new centre brings car and IT specialists from all around Germany. So, together in a common area for information, techniques, and creativity. The automotive infrastructure experts headquartered in Germany, part of Infosys’ relationship with Daimler. Therefore, it will move from Daimler AG to the upcoming Digital Technology and Innovation Park.

Infosys seeks to set the standard to accelerate and regulate technology adoption for German automotive and manufacturing enterprises. It will deliver training and innovation laboratories and emphasis the transformation of the industry and its framework. So, for designing future and sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, digitalization, and automation. The Hub will also highlight Infosys’ commitment to environmentalism. Thus, using resources such as a 100 % regenerative energy data centre and 0% water accumulation.

The CEO for the Digital Tech and Innovation Centre in Stuttgart is designate by Dr.-Ing. Jörg Sommer, formerly director of the Daimler Digital Foundation. This legal entity is an independent entity, officially known as Infosys AutoTM GmbH & Co. KG.

Daimler AG is Boosting its Metwork in IT & Data Parks

In the new centre, in line with its ambitions for standardizing, consolidating, and scalability. And converting into Net Zero with seamless client experience. The German automotive company Daimler AG will help Infosys to improve its IT & Datacenter infrastructure and promote a competitive edge.

In addition, to other prominent cloud providers. Infosys Cobalt is promoting a multi-space and carbon-neutral approach to IT infrastructure modernization. It is a combination of Infosys services, solutions, and platforms to assist businesses to accelerate cloud routes. The cloud model permits the centre to address current and future requirements anywhere and wherever it is willing.

The centre will provide Infosys the opportunity to play an improvisatory part. So, in the conversion of Daimler as a market leader. And will provide other automotive producers with the advantage. So, at the crucial moment for the automotive sector and the growing German economy. To leverage Infosys IPs and tools, as well as to exploit valuable growth opportunities.

Statements by Executives

“As IT infrastructure continues to grow and software becomes modular. So, Daimler will take three actions consecutively to restructure its IT landscape, consolidate, outcrop, and modernize. Infosys is faithful to growing in the automotive business. So, with us with the establishment of Infosys Automotive and Mobility GmbH in Germany,” stated Jan Brecht, Chief Information Officer, Daimler, and Mercedes-Benz.

Infosys created in Germany the Center for Digital Technology and Innovation. So, the centre will be an innovative testbed and a platform for the transfer of expertise and skills across industries. Infosys Jörg Sommer states that pioneering technologies will hasten development and availability. The digital technology facility in Stuttgart is established by Infosys and Daimler. Therefore, the centre will facilitate the hybrid, digital transformation to scalability, driven by many clouds and AIs. “We are committed to promoting the moving culture in the German automobile industry,” says Infosys Chief Executive Officer Salil Parekh.

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