Knowzies: Fostering a New Approach to Learning

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Over the years, with rapid industrialization and digitization, several new concepts have emerged and have taken the world by a storm. e-learning is one of those significant concepts that are making a huge impact on the educational industry. From very traditional desktop-based page-turner e-learning courses to a highly engaging, interactive AR/VR based learning, e-learning has come a long way.  Moreover, due to its benefits like less cost, time reduction, flexibility, etc., e-learning is gaining preference over the traditional education practices. E-learning is on its prime and with changing technologies and increasing internet speed, its proliferance is bound to increase. Presently, there are many e-learning solution providers across the world that are providing the most unique and innovative e-learning solutions.

Incepted in 2016, Knowzies is one of India’s leading fast growing workplace digital learning and e-learning solutions company. In this digital-driven world, Knowzies helps large organizations in designing and developing a new approach to learning through its easy and cost-effective solutions.

Innovative Learning  Technology Solutions

Since its inception, Knowzies has helped many organizations in solving their business problems with its innovative solutions. The company offers two types of solutions, i.e. interactive e-learning solutions and tech solutions. The e-learning solutions include Custom e-learning, Rapid Authoring, Mobile Learning, Video and Animation, Microlearning, Translation and Localization, Flash to HTML Conversion, and Gamification. These solutions are designed for varied learning needs, styles, and preferences. Moreover, Knowzies also are the exclusive Channel Partner for  world’s leading Learning Management System named Docebo LMS, which is the only learning platform that combines formal, social, and experimental learning with skills management to maximize learner performance.

Apart from these e-learning solutions, Knowzies also offers Learning Tech Solutions such as Web Apps, Mobile Apps, UX/UI, Cloud, DevOps, and Testing for startups and small and medium businesses. For startups, the company provides engagement models such as fixed & Bid, Time & Material, and Build Operate Transfer. While for SMBs, Knowzies provides comprehensive services to build scalable technology solutions and manage complete product lifecycle. These solutions are used by businesses across industries such as Education, e-commerce, Finance, Food and Beverages, Retail, and e-learning. Thus, Knowzies delivers delightful customer experience through these solutions.

A Zealous Leader with Creative Approach

The leader plays a vital role in any company’s prowess. Amol Shinde, the Founder and CEO of Knowzies is also contributing significantly to the company’s growth. He is using his 16 years of experience in sales and marketing for the benefit of the company. He is a Bachelor of Engineering and holds a degree of MBA from the University of Mumbai. Apart from this, he is also a People Analytics Certified Professional from the University of Pennsylvania. He idolizes Josh Bersin and Docebo adding that customers are the best teachers in any business.

As the CEO and Founder of Knowzies, his main responsibility is to provide apt solutions to all the stakeholders. Some of his other responsibilities include Customer Connect, Strategy and Execution, Fund Management, and Team Success. He along with his fabulous team helps companies implement digital vision within various functions especially in L&D and HR space. He believes in investing deeply in company culture and people to build an organization that lasts and sharing the lessons learned. He thus makes sure the vision and mission of the company are achieved.

Turning Customers into Ambassadors

Along with the leader, Knowzies comprises a team of passionate and trustworthy individuals having customer-centric approach to provide unique business solutions according to the business needs. The company emphasizes customer satisfaction as its mission is to earn the affection of customers, partners, and employees by delivering superior experience and value, thereby making them its ambassadors. Furthermore, Knowzies focuses on sustainable and reliable solutions. The vision of the company is to become the most admired and integrated technology company with a global presence, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Surviving in the Cost-Competitive Market

Over the years, e-learning has grown at a rapid pace and has become a very cost-competitive market. Moreover, making customers understand the real value of a product or service until they see it becomes tricky to explain if the client is using e-learning for the first time. Thus, it is a challenge in front of the e-learning companies to get the right pricing with the correct perceived value and simultaneously maintaining high margins.

Knowzies uses several approaches to cope with this challenge. In the case of eLearning development Knowzies takes the route of PoCs ( Proof of Concept) to onboard the customer. , The company helps its clients to validate their idea by building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a rapid development process and with a very minimalistic initial investment.. It also offers flexible pricing options for its clients. Furthermore, Knowzies helps businesses by its value-driven development which provides them the utmost benefits in a time-bound and cost-effective manner. This agile approach taken by the company helps businesses respond to the changing business needs and survive in the cost-competitive market

A Flurry of Opportunities in the Future

Increasing digitization has brought a massive transformation in the field of education. The overall education system is changing from a traditional brick and mortar to online and due to its numerous advantages, the world is welcoming this change with great acceptance. The past few years have turned out to be the beginning of the digital learning transformation in education (training).

Furthermore, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has also emerged as a blessing in disguise for the digital education (training) industry. Online learning is now becoming a new normal and this is bound to open a great plethora of opportunities for the e-learning development companies like Knowzies.

Few Words of Wisdom for the Students

Amol believes that for students, the world is an open school and they can learn whatever they want to. He advises them to be ready to adopt the change, make the maximum use of available technology, and keep learning always.



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