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Microsoft Launches Cloud Security with Azure Sentinel

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Azure Sentinel for business

Microsoft introduces a new cloud service planned to help consumers, administer their security efforts while also giving them access to skilled customer support from Microsoft’s own security staff. The new service from Microsoft will cover applications that run across multiple public clouds and hybrid clouds, as well as SIEM software from the organization itself.

Azure Sentinel affords intelligent security scans

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) service that enables customers to view security alerts and threats across their corporate networks and respond to them. With Azure Sentinel, all security data can be aggregated with built-in connectors, Microsoft’s native signals integration, and industry standard log formats such as common event and Syslog support. Furthermore, it uses Azure Monitor, which is based on a proven and scalable log analytics database that ingests more than 10 petabytes each day and provides a very fast query engine that can sort millions of records in seconds.

In addition to this, the company also pronounced a new feature called Microsoft Threat Experts that enables Windows Defender ATP customers to request assistance from their dashboards. Plus, it allows customers to include their application or network data alongside their request to help both sides resolve issues more quickly.

Scrutiny of security powered by AI

Today’s SecOps teams are overwhelmed by a very high volume of alerts and spend too much time on tasks like setting up and maintaining infrastructure. Therefore, Azure Sentinel uses smart cloud-scale security analytics across the entire business. Hence, the IT teams can accumulate security data from devices, users, apps, and servers on any cloud across their entire hybrid association.

With the help from AI, Azure Sentinel can ensure that users identify real threats and the service helps to free them from traditional SIEMs. Along with that, it eliminates the need to spend valuable time building, maintaining and scaling infrastructure. In Azure Sentinel, user don’t have to pay in advance, as a result, users can pay as per its need. Furthermore, with Azure Sentinel users’ will only have to pay as per their use.

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