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Top 10 Online Payment Apps in India for Secure Digital Transactions (2024)

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Are you looking for the best online payment apps in India?

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a platform that lets users make online payments or cashless transactions from their mobile phones by adding multiple bank accounts on their app. It’s efficient and easier to use than traditional banking methods, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.

In this article, we will share some of the top online payment apps in India for making seamless transactions on your mobile device.

1. Paytm: A UPI Payments Pioneer

  • Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  • Founded in: August 2010, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 7,711 crores (Q1 – Q3 2024)
  • Users: 300 million

Paytm is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of UPI payment apps in India, and it has remained a prominent player in the Indian market for many years. It is well-known for its user-friendly design, allowing customers to link their bank accounts for seamless transactions.

It is widely accepted by online businesses, making it a versatile e-commerce choice. Furthermore, Paytm’s introduction of Paytm UPI Lite broadened its reach among users who value the app’s quick transaction capabilities, even during rush hours.

Besides that, the app offers an additional layer of security on the triple layer, thus giving enhanced protection to customer data while making an online transaction. Paytm became an everyday thing for almost every Indian, especially among fast food stalls and vendors.

But since UPI, the payments space has been a little competitive with players like PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. Paytm offers both B2B and B2C payment services. These features make Paytm a strong contender in the list of “top 10 Online Payment Apps in India.”

2. BHIM App: A Tailored Solution for Indian Payments

  • Founder: NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)
  • Founded in:  December 2016, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 7,200 crores
  • Users: 204 million

The BHIM app has carved a niche for itself among the Indian populace due to its unique approach to payments. Users can send money and transactions to friends, complete with comments and emoticons. While BHIM is primarily a UPI (United Payments Interface) app, it can also be used for online and in-person purchases. This makes it stand among the top 10 online payment apps in India.

A noteworthy point here is that BHIM is managed by the same entity that launched the UPI technology. Despite being backed by the NPCI, BHIM is not the market leader in the UPI arena. However, it functions adequately and has been specially designed to cater to the needs of the Indian demographic, making it one of the best online transaction apps in India.

Moreover, the app supports 20 different languages, making it accessible to people from various geographical regions and even in very remote areas. Users can send money by adding the account number and IFSC codes. No extra fees or transaction charges are applicable, making it a preferred choice for many.

3. PhonePe: Convenience in the Indian Ecosystem

  • Founders: Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari & Burzin Engineer
  • Founded in: December 2015, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 2,914 crore (2023)
  • Users: 500 million

PhonePe is an integrated and secure payment option for Indian users that takes advantage of the smartphone’s features. It is the leading UPI app in the nation, which makes it a prominent contender to be on the list of top online payment apps in India.

What distinguishes PhonePe is its emphasis on accessibility; it is available in 11 different languages and is easily accessible to people across various regions. Face recognition or fingerprint authentication adds an additional security, making it one of the most secure payment methods available.

Furthermore, PhonePe performs all the tasks of normal UPI apps. You can add money to its wallet for instant payments. It also allows you to invest in gold and mutual funds. It was introduced with the motive of providing a one-stop solution to all transactions and application facilities. Therefore, you can avail your favorite applications to book flights, order food, and buy groceries without having to download a separate application.

The app supports instant bookings and reservations directly through the app using the PhonePe Switch option. It also allows users to make international transactions. Currently accepting countries – Bhutan, Singapore, Nepal, UAE, and Mauritius.

In addition, there is a separate icon to transfer cash to your other account. Bank balance can be checked using this. It also provides various cashback and reward offers. Users can also easily find a recent recipient while transferring money. This comprehensive approach to financial transactions makes PhonePe a preferred choice for many.

4. Amazon Pay: A Comprehensive Financial Companion

  • Founder:  Jeff Bezos
  • Founded in: August 2007, USA
  • Revenue: ₹ 2,093 crores
  • Users: 80 million

Amazon’s payment service, Amazon Pay, has emerged as a comprehensive financial service that extends beyond payments. Users can make payments on external websites such as Smart Bazaar, etc., and mobile applications using the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account. It even allows users to get refunds and makes online transactions easy.

Its unique feature is that it provides a convenient and secure way for users to make purchases without the need to re-enter their payment information for every transaction. This feature makes it an appealing option for discerning consumers. The app’s simple design and extensive financial offerings have driven it to the top of the charts.

Furthermore, Amazon Pay offers the convenience and security of Amazon wherever you shop. It also provides various cashback and reward offers, enhancing its appeal to users.

5. Google Pay: A Comprehensive Payment Solution

Google Pay
  • Founders: Sujith Narayanan & Sumit Gwalani
  • Founded in: August 2018, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 1,467 crores
  • Users: 67 million

Google Pay, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, promises to simplify the payment process. Users can directly connect with their bank account, eliminating the need for KYC. Google Pay also includes a chat feature, allowing you to send and receive money straight from your contacts. Its link with various service providers, merchants, and third parties makes it easier to pay for utilities, recharge mobile phones, and transfer money, improving the user experience.

Along with that, it has a great user interface, top-class reward schemes and offers, an appropriate safety framework, and a feature-loaded package. It allows you to directly execute transactions from your primary bank account without having to maintain a separate wallet. An invoice can also be sent in the chat, making it useful for first-time transactions.

Furthermore, Google Pay rewards you with coupons and cashback with almost every transaction. In addition, users can enjoy the feature of cash mode which enables users to transfer money to Google Pay users in range without entering their mobile number or bank details. This lends additional security to the transactions, making it one of the best payment apps in India. Therefore, Google Pay takes the spot in the list of the top 10 online payment apps in India.

6. CRED: Disruptive Financial Convenience

  • Founder: Kunal Shah
  • Founded: 2018, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 1,400 crores INR
  • Users: 12 million

CRED holds a prominent spot among the best online payment apps in India. It sets itself apart by being a unique and disruptive financial product in the Indian fintech industry, enabling users to pay their credit card bills at a single point. There is no need for multiple accounts or apps to use CRED; consumers can manage all their credit cards and associated bills using this one platform.

The most significant features of this application are that, in addition to providing credit card bill payment service, CRED also educates the users about hidden charges associated with credit cards and their bills. This empowers the user to be better informed about the charges associated with the card they are using. Furthermore, CRED allows individuals to avail of rewards through cashback on every CRED credit card bill payment.

The app also offers users short-term credit lines, a type of loan often borrowed and repaid. Users are allowed to gain complete control over their credit cards, and CRED provides a complete analysis of their spending, helps to detect hidden charges, and track credit limits.

Lastly, CRED positions itself as a club, hence not everyone is allowed in their fraternity. You can also verify your credit score for free and enhance it using the app, adding another layer of financial convenience and control.

7. Mobikwik: UPI Payment Enabling

  • Founder: Bipin Preet Singh
  • Founded: April 2009, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 560 crores INR
  • Users: 140 million

Mobikwik is one of the best-recognized UPI payment apps on the Play Store and iOS app store for the Indian market. Many big players like Uber, Zomato, Dominoes, and IRCTC utilize its payment gateway. Mobikwik distinguishes itself with its user-friendly approach, which includes a great user interface and a variety of features for customizing the payment experience for users of all kinds.

The most significant features of this application are that, in addition to providing mobile recharge and bill payment services, Mobikwik also offers in-app digital loans up to Rs. 1 lakh without any documentation. This empowers the user to be better informed about their financial status and make informed decisions. Furthermore, Mobikwik allows individuals to invest in direct mutual funds and make in-app health insurance purchases using the app.

The app also offers special investment options, such as:

  • XTra Flexi offers 12% annual returns and allows withdrawal anytime
  • XTra Plus offers 13% annual returns but has a 3 months lock-in period.

Lastly, the Mobikwik app provides the facility of wallet-to-wallet transfer using a registered phone number. It also gives numerous cashback offers, adding another layer of financial convenience and control. These are the reasons Mobikwik stands on the list of the top online payment apps in India.

8. Freecharge: Comprehensive Payment Solutions

  • Founder: Kunal Shah
  • Founded: August 2010, India
  • Revenue: ₹ 287 crore INR
  • Users: 100 million

Freecharge powers one of India’s leading financial services and investment apps and also offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions. Freecharge’s mobile recharge system, which serves over 100 million users across the country, is commonly used for mobile recharges.

Users can quickly and easily recharge their mobile with just a few clicks using a smartphone or tablet with the Freecharge app.

In addition to this, Freecharge offers a chat and pay feature that helps two users transfer or receive money instantly in their FC wallet, making it a well-rounded option for users. Furthermore, Freecharge provides the benefit of cashless payments, allowing customers to carry out transactions without the burden of carrying cash all the time.

It also offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to select your operator, enter your mobile number, and choose the desired recharge plan.

Axis Bank has launched a virtual credit card for enjoying discounts and rewards on Freecharge. You can earn EDGE reward points on achieving the milestones set up by the Axis Bank. All these features are available on the Axis Bank Freecharge Credit Card. Add your card to the Freecharge application and enjoy all the benefits.

This makes Freecharge not just a payment app, but a platform that offers a multitude of financial services. Thus, it belongs to the list of top online payment apps in India.

9. PayZapp: Expanding Online Payment Alternatives

  • Founder: Aditya Puri
  • Founded: June 2015, India
  • Revenue: NA
  • Users: 14 million

PayZapp is an online payment solution that is primarily designed for customers of HDFC Bank. Its unique feature enables users to manage everything from paying their bills and mobile recharges to booking flights or movie tickets.

The app is well known for its various cashback offers and reward schemes across different merchant websites, enhancing its appeal to users. PayZapp is planning to launch proximity payments that use soundwave communication, similar to Google Pay, further expanding its range of services.

Users can enjoy the wallet option in PayZapp that is offered to all e-commerce websites in India. In addition, users also have the option for VPA ID, QR code money transfer, and a PayZapp business account, increasing the versatility of the app.

PayZapp offers features like swipe-to-pay, passbook, timely reminders, and money transfer facilities, making it a comprehensive digital payment solution. The app can be accessed by both HDFC Bank and non-HDFC Bank customers, and there are no additional charges, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Furthermore, customers will be eligible for cashback only on successful PayZapp transactions based on the offer terms & conditions. For all canceled, refund, and partial refund transactions, cashback, if given to the customer, shall be debited from the PayZapp Prepaid card, ensuring fair and transparent operations.

This comprehensive functionality makes PayZapp attractive among online payment apps in India, especially in areas where digital payments are becoming increasingly common.

10. iMobile Pay: A Key Contributor to India’s Digital Payment Ecosystem

  • Founder:  ICICI Bank
  • Founded: December 2020, India
  • Revenue: NA
  • Users: 2 million

iMobile Pay, a product of ICICI Bank, has been a significant player in the digital payment industry. As per their records, the app has witnessed a 26% increase in the total transaction value in this financial year till the end of February 2024, with over one crore customers from various banks utilizing iMobile Pay.

iMobile Pay is a UPI app that ensures secure and seamless online transactions. It provides more than 400 banking services and is available to both ICICI Bank customers and non-customers. Users can generate a unique UPI ID, which can be associated with their bank accounts, facilitating secure transactions. In addition, the app allows users to transfer funds, pay bills, invest in digital gold, and recharge mobile/DTH.

The team behind iMobile Pay has developed a user-friendly, secure, and accessible banking platform that offers over 400 services, round the clock. It also rewards users with various cashbacks.

As tech companies venture into banking and payments, iMobile Pay underscores the importance of enhanced safeguards, potentially protecting users in the absence of protections offered by traditional banks and credit unions. These efforts make it to the list of the top online payment apps in India.


These are the top 10 online payment apps in India, each with its own unique features. The best UPI app depends on each individual’s preferences and needs.

As technology progresses, these apps are bound to evolve and introduce even more unique features, further transforming the way we manage our finances. So, whether you’re splitting a dinner bill with friends or conducting business transactions, these payment applications are ready to make your life more convenient and efficient.

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