Paragard IUD Causes Breakage, Pain, & Other Side Effects: Is There a Legal Remedy?

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Over the years, women have resorted to several types of birth control to avoid pregnancy and address other healthcare needs. IUDs (intrauterine devices) are one of the popular birth control methods women count on to prevent pregnancy.

Globally, women opted for the Paragard IUD for the several advantages it offered. One of the most crucial ones was the relief of taking the daily pills and the monthly injections. Typically, when an IUD is inserted into a woman’s body, it’s like having a hassle-free type of birth control that lasts at least a decade.

Recently, Paragard IUDs used by women have caused serious side effects like heavy periods and traumatic injuries within their bodies. In this article, we will delve deep into the risks linked with this IUD and how women can opt for a legal remedy.

Understanding the Paragard IUD

The Paragard copper IUD is a T-shaped device made using a copper wire wrapped around supple plastic. It has a width of an inch and doesn’t need any surgery to be inserted into the body. Instead, physicians make use of an insertion tool to place the device correctly in the uterus.

Teva Pharmaceuticals is the name that manufactures the Paragard IUD, which was approved by the FDA back in 1984. This device was marketed as the only birth control device that was hormone-free. While that was a boon, the pain, device fracture, and cramps that women faced have made many of them reconsider their decision.

Women who have suffered after using this device are filing a Paragard lawsuit to share the sufferings the device has led to and also to receive fair compensation for it.

Conz Preti’s Tragic Predicament After Using a Copper IUD

In April 2022, Business Insider reported on the suffering that Conz Preti had to undergo after using the copper IUD. After one year of device insertion, Preti couldn’t overlook the signs her body had started showing. Her periods, which used to be manageable, became unmanageable after a week.

She reports not being able to take part in family activities because of heavy bleeding. This was accompanied by intense cramping. It made her finally decide to remove the IUD from her body.

Owing to her severe cramps, she decided to visit her doctor, and Preti was convinced that the IUD could have moved out of her uterus. Even though the ultrasound suggested otherwise, she still decided to get the device removed. And during the removal process, she asked her doctor if there was anything wrong with the placement.

Her doctor assured her everything was fine, but Preti could feel she had to dig around blindly to locate the strings for pulling out the IUD. The process was painful, and she had to be bedridden for nearly 24 hours.

Another woman, Anna Speaks, told in March 2021, that when she decided to remove the IUD, she realized that the device was broken inside her body. She had to undergo surgery to remove the missing pieces of the device, which caused much pain in her body, along with emotional trauma.

Other Side Effects of Paragard IUD

One of the common side effects of the IUD is irregularities in the menstrual cycle, which Preti had to face. The device triggers an inflammatory response in the uterus, which is why women have longer periods. Additionally, there is also increased cramping and spotting in between periods.

No woman should consider this to be the standard symptom that they would experience with the IUD. Instead, they should get a medical assessment to find out the root cause of it. Other side effects include ectopic pregnancy, uterus perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, dizziness, and device expulsion.

Since women across the globe have faced the adverse effects of copper IUDs, they are now suing Paragard for this faulty device. Most women state that the company should have been wise enough to notify them about the side effects so they could make an informed decision.

TorHoerman Law states that the Paragard MDL is growing with almost 1,800 pending lawsuits that were filed in April 2023. The bellwether trials are scheduled for March 2024, and they comprise 10 Paragard cases that represent the IUD defect complaints.

Hence, if you or anyone you know has faced the side effects of Paragard IUD, they can file a lawsuit. Getting in touch with an expert lawyer is the ideal way to go about it. The lawyers have the necessary expertise to build a compelling case using the evidence that victims share with them, ensuring that they get the desired compensation and justice.


Conz Preti and Anna Speaks are two of the many women who have faced the side effects of IUDs. Hence, it becomes necessary for women to share their stories of suffering and file a lawsuit. On one hand, it will raise awareness concerning the risks associated with the device, and on the other, it will compel the manufacturers to implement corrective measures. Finally, it will make women more cautious and wiser about the birth control methods they choose and their health choices.

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