power challenge amid the energy crisis

Will India be able to solve the power challenge amid the energy crisis?

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The heatwave has hit India and the country is facing major power blackouts. The demand for electricity is increasing day by day this summer and the government is undergoing a power emergency due to inadequate coal supplies to power plants that produce electricity. As 20-30 percent of electricity demand is met by these power plants, the government has requested the center to meet the demand for more coal. Amid this problem, the Government of Delhi has alerted the citizens about possible power cuts and problems in providing an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Why is India facing a power crisis?

Last year in October, India faced a significant power shortage. Even after seven-eight months, power outage remains a crucial problem due to the coal shortage. Since 2020, when the pandemic hit India, the demand for coal, oil, and electricity automatically decreased as everything was in a locked state. However, ever since the government decided to unlock every state, the country started facing an electricity demand-supply mismatch.

Secondly, because of the global war situation between Russia and Ukraine, coal prices have skyrocketed. According to Indian Express statistics, the cost of imported coal in India is expected to be 35 percent higher in the fiscal year 2022-23 compared to the last year.

During these critical situations, how can India tackle the problem of the power crisis?

What measures have already been taken?

The Ministry of Power has taken measures to reduce the emergency. It has given instructions for maximum production of coal and aiding the coal mines. Additionally, it has assured a price cap of Rs. 12. However, India must take more initiatives for energy conservation and reduce power use.

What can be done?

The first and the most important step is to strengthen the power-producing systems as they are insufficient to produce the required amount of power. Currently, according to the survey, India has about 200 GW capacity of power production. However, the coal supply for old, inefficient power plants is more than the new and efficient systems. This can reduce the coal crisis by 6 percent.

Secondly, the DISCOM initiative by the Indian government must do an in-depth and smart assessment of the demand-supply chain. According to the study by Economic Times, India has seen DISCOM losses of 14.55 percent. For reliable and quality power supply, the DISCOM losses must be reduced. This requires the promotion of efficient consumption by various power distribution companies.

From now, India’s power demand will continue to rise due to population and higher consumption rates. Though the government is taking precautions and various appreciable initiatives to reduce consumption as well as to find more reliable sources for the future, citizens of India have a responsibility to cautiously use the power and help to solve the crisis.

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