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Project Amplify to Surge Trade in the APAC Region

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Accenture, a global professional services firm, has recently partnered with Microsoft to expand their joint ‘Project Amplify’ initiative across the Asia Pacific. Accenture and Microsoft Asia are assisting 33 companies focused on social impact and sustainability. The collaboration will aid them in scaling new technologies and business models.

Aims of the Project

Nearly three dozen regional start-ups that work in the areas of social impact and sustainability need assistance in scaling their business models and emerging solutions. Project Amplify, established in South Asia in 2020, will promote entrepreneurs from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and other countries. The initiative’s long-term goal is to help APAC realise its full potential and improve the lives of millions of people by addressing a variety of socioeconomic issues. As part of each firm’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 33 selected start-ups will be provided access to cutting-edge technology as well as the experience and mentoring support of both Accenture and Microsoft.

“Social enterprises face many challenges, including access to technology and innovation expertise to scale their solutions,” said Sanjay Podder, Managing Director and Technology Sustainability Innovation lead at Accenture. This gap can be overcome by combining Accenture and Microsoft’s technological expertise and networks. The project aims at considerable improvements in the condition of disadvantaged populations in communities that require support in areas such as sustainability, healthcare, education, and agriculture as these social enterprises expand their reach.

How the APAC Region Benefits from Amplify?

India’s Docturnal, a provider of cheap healthcare through non-invasive point-of-care screening to proactively detect disease, is one of the purpose-driven firms participating in Project Amplify. TapEffect is another example of a social venture that makes clean tap water accessible and cheap for homes in Cambodia’s underserved towns and rural areas. Through collaboration, DIBIZ is empowering manufacturers, traders, plantations, and farmers in Singapore to adhere to sustainable practices.

This means a focus on advancements in the healthcare, education, and agriculture sectors for Project Amplify. This focus will run with the program’s long-term goal of accelerating Asia’s potential and benefiting millions of lives through solving a variety of societal concerns. According to the companies, those chosen have previously proved how their products and services address a serious social or environmental problem and have shown early evidence of effect.

Individual Benefits for the Companies

All 33 entrepreneurs will benefit from Project Amplify, which will provide them with cutting-edge technology as well as know-how, expertise, and mentoring from Accenture and Microsoft. The companies will assist start-ups in re-imagining and expanding the impact and societal value of their products by testing and validating proofs of concept.

The 33 entrepreneurs chosen for the programme have shown early evidence of impact and have demonstrated how their product, service, and operations solve a serious social or environmental challenge.

These companies are committed to addressing some of Asia’s most pressing concerns, such as improving access to healthcare, education, and finance. Many of Project Amplify’s social entrepreneurs are working to address these concerns, and Microsoft will provide them with the technology, experience, and ecosystem they need to scale and make a difference.

Accenture will focus on assisting start-ups in using technology to address major environmental and societal concerns, as well as to advance organisations’ sustainability agendas. Microsoft’s support in Project Amplify is part of its Global Social Entrepreneurship programme designed to help social businesses start and scale their companies to do good globally. Qualified start-ups can have access to technology, education, customers, and grants through the Global Social Entrepreneurship initiative.

“Through co-innovations and trustworthy relationships, Microsoft empowers organisations and individuals to achieve more,” said Microsoft Asia president Ahmed Mazhari. “We’re dedicated to addressing some of Asia’s most critical issues, such as increasing access to healthcare, education, and finance.” Many of Project Amplify’s social entrepreneurs are working to address these concerns, and this new big scale assistance will improve the overall business attraction of the APAC region and bring new investors.

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