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The Role of Technology in Providing Accurate Share Market Live Updates

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The Indian stock market has altered over the years, particularly in the area of technology. Gone are the days when stock brokers met at the stock exchange and yelled out the selling and buying orders.

Traders and investors were at the mercy of stock brokers, who had to deal with the physical shares that they would have with themselves or proceed to settle at the exchange. The trading procedure back then was time-consuming and cumbersome, with over 10-day settlements. Additionally, the country had 21 regional stock exchanges with minor regulations and many scams.

However, with the advent of technology, the stock market has become more data-driven and fast. Technological advancements are rising as more and more laptops and smartphones are being introduced. With it, the innovation of investing and trading rose. Nowadays, technology is crucial in granting precise share market live prices.

Let’s look at how technological upgrades have helped get appropriate market updates, thus making the investment process more accessible.

The change in investment and technology

Before the advent of technology, if you were looking forward to making a stock trade, you would have to contact the stockbroker to place an order. The rates of commission for selling and purchasing the stocks were set. These rates were very high because of a need for more data.

The digital trading platform emerged from a surge of computer use in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Better computer utilization ushered in forex trading, high-frequency trading, and many other forms of trading.

As technology continued to improve, new products like ETFs emerged. These days, investing is much easier than it was before. Investors can easily access data on brokerage firms, stocks, ETFs, bonds, and more through the web.

An individual can open an investing or trading account in minutes. They can complete the form digitally and scan the documents in seconds. You can start trading or investing right away.

The authority in your hand: real-time market access

We have passed those days when we had to wait for newspaper market updates or rely on delayed information. Technology has granted real-time market accessibility to investors through mobile applications and online trading platforms.

These days, with just a few taps, investors can effortlessly track livestock prices, carry out trades, and stay updated with market movements. This empowerment has made investing more comfortable and allowed investors to make proper and data-backed decisions.

Online applications used in trading

Digital trading applications have transformed the trading experience. Gone are the days of needing to hire brokers and stressing about monetary losses, paperwork, and many other issues.

The utilization of applications has made the trading experience flawless. Here are some of the advantages of trading applications:

  • It is more accessible and convenient
  • Eliminates the role of a middleman
  • Increases the understanding of stocks
  • It ensures a hassle-free trading experience
  • Online apps grant a better understanding of funds
  • It offers you the perk of trading at your fingertips.

Overall, online trading applications grant feasibility by decreasing trading hassles and costs, making them a more lucrative choice.

Algorithmic trading

Powerful algorithms drive this kind of trading, which has become a prevalent tactic in the Indian stock market. This sophisticated program analyzes vast amounts of data and carries out trades at lightning speed, responding to market changes faster than human traders can. The precision and efficiency of algorithmic trading have led to enhanced liquidity, decreased trading costs, and higher market efficiency.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

It is one of many kinds of algorithmic trading that uses complex computer systems to execute trades at a higher speed. It is often done in milliseconds. This sort of trading has become massively prevalent in the stock market because of technological advances.

It has a massive impact on stock trading. HFT has led to enhanced liquidity in the stock market and has allowed traders to reap the benefits of market opportunities more efficiently and quickly.

AI utilization in the stock market

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a game changer in the stock market domain and is shaping its future. According to recent surveys, electronic trade accounts for approximately 45% of trading revenues. Massive companies are always on the verge of incorporating quantitive trading with big data processing and machine learning methodologies to grant real-time market analysis.

AI tools analyze massive amounts of data points to carry out trades at low prices and eliminate risks. Additionally, they increase precision to grant the maximum return.

Better market surveillance

Technologies have broken down massive regional barriers and democratized access to the Indian stock market. With online trading platforms, investors from remote locations can actively participate and empower a more comprehensive population to invest and grow.

Nowadays, regulatory bodies leverage technology to monitor market activities, identify irregularities, and ensure a transparent and fair trading environment. This proactive approach to market surveillance emphasizes investor confidence and fosters trust in the Indian stock market.

Blockchain use

The stock markets worldwide are embracing blockchain technology for faster and safer transactions. It has a massive potential for safe trading and risks of monetization. Many benefits come with blockchain utilization, such as:

  • Utilization of automation to grant an infrastructure for faster settlement of trade.
  • It provides a solution to post-trade events by decreasing operational risks. Therefore, it provides an infrastructure for the settlement of fast trade.
  • Reduces the risk of third-party authorities utilizing network regulation and smart contacts.
  • It grants a robust platform to implement security measures by monitoring and reporting illegitimate activities.

Wrapping Up

You need a feature-rich trading platform to reap the benefits of online trading. From providing share market liveprices to giving well-researched market insights, Motilal Oswal is the best trading platform in India, with regular updates, innovative features, and an easy process. Visit the website or install their application to start your trading and investing journey today!

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