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Spark IoT Network Extends Implementation of EV Charging Points in Rural Areas

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Key Highlights:

  • Spark has recently extended its CAT-M1 IoT network providing improved connectivity to 98% of the New Zealand population
  • The Spark IoT network will allow EV charging companies to install and operate EV charging points even in rural areas
  • The extended network connectivity will allow access to electricity usage patterns that can be used to distribute energy more efficiently

Spark CAT-M1 IoT Network

The 263 Rural Connectivity Group has recently been upgraded extending the IoT network to rural areas of New Zealand improving connectivity. The extension of the Spark CAT-M1 IoT network will allow people in rural areas to own and use electric vehicles contributing to the government’s efforts of conserving the environment. After the extension of the network, Evnex (a kiwi-owned EV charging company) will be able to install and real-time monitor EV charging units all over the country including the rural/remote areas. It will also be able to collect and analyze data from all areas much more accurately which can further be utilized to analyze where and when to distribute energy more efficiently.

Benefits of Spark IoT Network

The extension of Spark IoT network connectivity will allow EV charging companies to access the usage patterns from residential or public charging data. The EV charging companies and the energy companies can then collaboratively work on managing and stabilizing the load on the electricity network. With the help of additional IoT connectivity and real-time monitoring, the charging companies will be able to utilize the bi-directional data connection.

Uses of Spark IoT Network

This data can be used further by the companies in avoiding excessive generation or transmission costs, and even blackouts. Also, the EV chargers connected with the new CAT-M1 modem will enable the chargers to work more efficiently providing a longer life span. The IoT network will bring together IoT networks and smart EV technology thereby improving the performance of New Zealand’s power grid. The improved IoT connectivity will encourage usage of EVs all over including the rural areas which will further contribute to a decrease in carbon emissions.

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