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SQUATS with social activities

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In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically and mentally active to face the drastic changes in the personal as well as professional life. To be physically active, motivation towards fitness is the need of the hour. Therefore, a good social support always encourages a person to adhere to a long-term exercise goal.

Carrying the baton of fitness, SQUATS, an India-based health and wellness company is on the mission to reach out to 50 million people to make them fit and further create job opportunities in the fitness industry. SQUATS was started by a handful of fitness believers trying to help each other stay fit and has now evolved into an ecosystem that caters to health and wellness needs of more than 450,000 users from all over the world.

The Focus on Mission to Make 50 Million People Fit

With his team of dedicated members, Jitendra Chouksey, the Founder and Director of SQUATS is following its mission to reach 50 million people, encouraging and helping them in staying fit. He feels proud that his team is a part of a greater cause. According to Jitendra, staying fit is really easy but people have built a difficult mindset which restricts them from transforming their lives towards a healthy lifestyle. To eliminate such mindset, Jitendra and his team conduct social activities to support healthy living. SQUATS’ Facebook community, Bettr has a big team of volunteers across various cities who conduct social activities like cleanliness drives, tree plantation drives and blood donation camps. The dedicated team of volunteers also visit old-age homes and undertakes awareness drives aimed at making a positive difference in society. As a result, this dedication of the Founder and his team towards their mission of health awareness has helped the company to spread their message across the country as well as gain followers across the globe.

Fitness Awareness with Social Community and Digital App

To find solutions for quintessential problems in the health and fitness industry, SQUATS team is also working on creating a dependable fitness eco-system with its social community and mobile app. SQUATS team believes in customer service that forms the core of its business and is the prime driver behind its services including Fittr app and Facebook community. They utilize these tools to spread awareness about health and fitness and help consumers to go through a better transformational journey to enhance their physique, lifestyle, and mindset.

Moreover, the Fittr app is useful to stay fit and stay in touch with people with similar interests and goals. The app provides an automated nutrition chart to help users get started. Users can create nutrition charts and track their everyday intake. It has the feature to track progress and individual body metrics in a graphical manner. One can easily enroll with a coach to pursue fitness goals better. Moreover, the app lets people connect, ask queries, share transformations, recipes, and workouts. What’s more, it provides cutting-edge information on fitness and nutrition in the form of articles and researches to help users to stay on track.

Employee Learning with Regular Sessions and Coaching

Workforce at SQUATS stays updated with the scientific researches and health trends across the world to keep the pace with the current developments in health and fitness ecosystem. SQUATS therefore provides regular web sessions and internal coaching to its members to engage them in various fitness activities and improve their knowledge about the current healthcare trends. Further, to give a thought of appreciation for its best-performing employees, SQUATS conducts monthly, quarterly, and yearly appreciation drives and rewards the team members for their dedication.

“Innovation happens when we open ourselves to learning new things,” says Founder

SQUATS Founder Jitendra, an ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist believes that one needs to push forward on learning new things instead of operating from a safe and comfortable zone of learning. To help customers learn more about pursuing a fit and active life, SQUATS has more than 150 certified and experienced coaches, ready to provide customized diet and training programs which are suited best, for their physique. The company has a division called the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) which provides health and fitness courses with comprehensive and practical knowledge. This division was established to tackle the biggest challenges in the health and fitness industry including lack of holistic knowledge and career opportunities. The offered courses are divided into levels so that everyone from a general health enthusiast to someone who wants to build a career in this industry can benefit from them. Additionally, SQUATS serves customers coming from a variety of backgrounds. It has identified the best ways to balance people’s lives with unique fitness activities. Especially for professionals who continuously face stress and pressure issues during the work, SQUATS has developed wellness intervention programs for corporate personnel.

Wellness Intervention Programs for Corporate Personnel

In the corporate business environment, lack of movements and continuous exposure to computer screens give rise to certain health issues like sleep deficiency, higher stress levels etc. To aid the employees’ well-being, SQUATS has research-based quantifiable intervention programs. Firstly, it measures employee wellness on a variety of factors including fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and sleep quality. Then it provides an assessment which explains the critical areas for improvement and accordingly creates a customized fitness package. After the execution, SQUATS offers continual support and guidance consultant through sustainable solutions best fitted as per organizational requirements.

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