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Takachar Wins the Eco Oscar for Developing Clean Air Technology

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Key Highlights:

  • A Delhi-based company has won the ‘Eco Oscar’ for developing air technology
  • Clean air technology can create fuels and fertilizers from agricultural waste eradicating air pollution due to stubble burning
  • The technology will also help to raise the farmer’s income by creating a market for crop residues

Eco Oscar for Clean Our Air

Takachar–a Delhi-based company, has recently won the first-ever Earthshot Prize called ‘Eco Oscar’ for the ‘Clean Our Air’ category. The Eco Oscar is instituted by Prince William who will reward each winner with an amount of 1 million euros for developing groundbreaking solutions to the world’s greatest environmental challenges. The company won the prize for developing such a technology that can create fuel, fertilizer, and other specialty chemicals from agricultural waste.

How Does the Clean Air Technology work?

It aims to put an end to stubble burning that is causing severe air pollution in North India including the National Capital Region. For years, stubble burning has been a major cause of concern causing extremely poor air quality leading to serious health conditions endangering life. It will not just help to eradicate this problem but also raise the farmer’s income by creating a market for crop residues. The clean air technology is very affordable, small scale, and portable that can be attached to tractors in remote farms. This can then convert crop residues into sellable profitable bio-products thereby reducing smoke emissions by up to 98%.

Implications of the Clean Air Technology This game-changing solution presents a way to not only eradicate the air pollution caused due to stubble burning but also benefit the farmers by increasing their profitability. It has gained a lot of appreciation and attraction from some of the world’s most influential companies. Many big companies are contributing their support and assistance to the firm helping it grow. The success of the clean air technology is a breakthrough for the firm and an array of hope to expand its operations around the world. With the clean air technology, the company aims at replacing and re-using billion tons of carbon dioxide every year.

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