Australian Silicon Coast

Can Advanced Technologies Transform the City into ‘Australian Silicon Coast’?

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Key Highlights:

  • Dark Fibre has already been developed on the Gold Coast a world-class technology.
  • Civilians and industries in Australia continue fighting an increasing number of cyber dangers in the world.
  • One research suggests that in the next decade the Australian industry may profit from $315 trillion.

Dark Fibre is Unfeasible to Hack

Since Australia’s civilians and industries continue to fight an increasing number of worldwide cyber threats, the safest in the country would be one of Queensland’s cities. Dark Fibre, a world-class technology, has already been developed. Therefore, along the Gold Coast, with experts suggesting that it’s hard to hack.

The ICT forum promotes both local and foreign companies to employ the gateway solution. Consequently, to ensure that confidential material remains secure. “Data security is a business susceptibility number one currently, and Gold Coast provides a haven,” Lee Hames, member of the forum, panel informed 9News.

We have this technology directly at our feet as the only city in Australia – several cable lines going under the tramway. So, the technological data haven might potentially attract huge firms. Thus, to put up their data centers and headquarters comparable to that of Silicon Valley in California.

“We now have, if we want it, a tremendous chance to become Australian Silicon Coast, if not the globe,” said Mr. Hames.

Australia’s Tech Future

Countries throughout the world spend extensively for their benefit. So, that benefit for the digital economy can provide for tremendous economic and social prospects. Furthermore, the sustained economic prosperity of Australia rests on capacity. Hence, to harness technological progress to improve current companies, generate new products and markets, and improve everyday living.

One analysis claims that the Australian economy might benefit from $315 billion. So, that profit towards the next decade in projections for improvements to existing sectors and growth of new industries.

Tech Future of Australia outlines how Australia may maximize technological development prospects by concentrating on four major issues:

1. People: Develop the digital skills of Australia and leave no one impoverished.

2. Services: Methods to deliver digital services effectively by the government.

3. Digital assets: Building infrastructure and providing secure admittance to high-quality data.

4. The enabling environment: Maintenance of the cybersecurity and assessment of the mechanism of regulation.

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