How are Twitter and Apple Showing Solidarity Toward World AIDS Day?

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December 1 marks the occasion of World AIDS Day. While several organizations and charities are celebrating the occasion to showcase their solidarity towards the cause and encourage inclusiveness, major brands and social media platforms are also endorsing their support to debunk the stigma around HIV-AIDS.

Twitter’s ‘There is Help’

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Twitter has introduced a new initiative to raise awareness about the disease. The microblogging social media platform has introduced a search notification services to raise awareness and provide information about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

According to Shagufta Karman, who handles public policy at Twitter India, the platform recognizes the essentiality for the public to have access to a free and open internet in combating the stigma revolving around AIDS and HIV. She further added, “Therefore, we’ve partnered with public health authorities and local non-profit organizations across the Asia Pacific to provide people with access to accurate information about HIV, and getting the help that they need.”

In addition, Twitter has also introduced a limited red-ribbon emoticon to mark conversations concerning the disease, with respect to its HIV/AIDS campaign. The hashtag will appear alongside the #WorldAIDSDay tag and other related tags on Twitter, until 5 December.

Partnership with NACO

Twitter’s latest search notification service is in partnership with the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) under the ministry of health. It is a part of Twitter’s ‘There is Help initiative, which seeks to raise awareness and guide users searching on certain topics towards official resources and helplines. The notification appears in the search section of Twitter and is automatically enabled when users search for specific keywords or hashtags linked to HIV or AIDS.

Twitter’s latest AIDS notifications will be available for users in the Asia-Pacific regions of Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, SP-Latam, Taiwan, Thailand, as well as the USA.

Moreover, Twitter has partnered with various organizations like the Alliance India, Naz Foundation, Snehalaya, Swasti and Taaras Coalition for offering resources of assistance to those browsing for HIV and AIDS-related information.

Apple RED

Twitter’s solidarity towards the World AIDS Day celebration and recognition is not the only instance of major social media platforms and brands extending support towards the cause. As an annual tradition, Apple Store locations are currently displaying a RED logo to show support towards the day.

Apple stores in Nanjing East in Shanghai and Apple Ginza in Tokyo, with other locations are likely following the annual ritual. With the slogan “The end of AIDS begins with,” Apple-supported grants have provided lifesaving treatment to over 13.8 million people living with HIV.

Raising Global Funds

Furthermore, Apple has announced that, from December 6 onwards, it will donate $1 for every purchase made with Apple Pay on, through the Apple Store app, or at an Apple Store in the U.S. to The Global Fund to support the fight against AIDS and COVID‑19. Apple said it will donate a maximum of $1 million through this initiative. The major tech company also continues to sell a variety of red products (ranging from iPhones to Watch bands)—of which a portion of proceeds from every purchase is diverted toward The Global Fund. Over a 15-year partnership with (RED), Apple said it has raised nearly $270 million in the fight against global pandemics like HIV/AIDS and COVID-19.

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