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The upswing of the digital era has affected every aspect of human life. Along with its numerous boons, this shift has some banes too—one of them is that private information has become more vulnerable than ever before. From the cybersecurity standpoint, various companies and institutions constantly work to protect themselves with increased security measures. While the IT infrastructure in the world, specifically in the Asia Pacific region, is developing at a rapid pace, there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security, IT performance & monitoring solutions, IT audit, compliance, and governance. Considering this as a market needs on a top priority, Valency Networks LLP. was established to provide solutions that fill the technical and business improvement gaps.

Started its operations in 2008, Valency Networks provides cutting-edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services for web apps, cloud apps, mobile apps, and IT networks. Moreover, the firm is also involved in advisory consultancy in compliance implementations and audits. The team of Valency Networks believes that VAPT need not be an automated testing method, and instead should be done manually to achieve accuracy and mimic real-life hackers. They know that manual methods surely play an important role in detecting complex attack scenarios and expose logical vulnerabilities that are otherwise missed by automated tools. Remarkably, Valency Networks is the only organization in India that serves the purpose of manual security testing across demanding domains of the web, cloud, and mobile application VAPT.

Valency Networks: Reliable Solutions to Ultra-Secure Clients

Valency Networks missionizes to be a solution provider in the niche areas of IT infrastructure by leveraging years of global technical experience it possesses. This mission starts with cybersecurity solutions, which is the need of the hour in today’s IT world and extends up to the disaster recovery designing and cloud solutions, an area that is a strong upcoming need in tomorrow’s IT industry. Further, the security solution provider’s every offering carries its own philosophy; its team strongly believes that cybersecurity is all about ethics & trust, and this belief percolates in their collaterals and the service offerings. Moreover, the firm offers four major kinds of services, which are as below.

  • Security Assessment: Under the security assessment, Valency Networks offers services like Corporate Network Pen-Test, Website Application VAPT, Cloud & Mobile App Security Testing, and Network Audit Services. These solutions secure corporate networks from hackers and prevent information stealing, monetary loss, & reputational loss. Besides, protection of data integrity & availability along with protection of network from denial of service attack are also major tasks taken care of by them.
  • Security Compliance: Today, organizations need a robust framework to implement their information security management process. By delivering worldwide accepted standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 22301, SOC-2 Compliance, ISO 27017/27018, and ITAR Valency Networks helps organizations protect their information assets. Moreover, with these standards, the firm entails a structured set of policies and procedures to let an organization be secure and gain confidence in its customer’s minds.
  • Security Management: With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipment, multiple security problems are introduced too. Unfortunately, the attacks are no longer limited just to the web services, but can also happen for the mobile device’s operating system and the application stack running on it. In order to relieve clients’ pain points, Valency Networks manages clients’ security by means of Firewall Configuration Audit, System Hardening Services, SIEM Implementation, and Code Review Services.
  • Security Solutions: As providing security strategies that cover all parts of the complicated network is a difficult task in network design, Valency Networks takes care of it by offering Network Security Designing, Consultancy Services, Product Certification, and Secure software development life cycle.

When Great Workplace Meets an Excellent Workforce

The environment of a workplace is one of the prime factors that influence the positivity within the firm. Most of the time, a positive and enthusiastic work environment is the reason behind the fostered productivity of an organization. In the case of Valency Networks, an agile, friendly, & fun-loving atmosphere, and yet a well-maintained cutting-edge technical vibrant work environment is the reason behind its elevated organizational status.

When it comes to its team, the firm’s each employee comes up with a minimum of 4+ years of IT experience and in addition, it is a great space for the ones who crave technology. Apart from that, Valency Networks is a talent-pooling mission too, wherein the subject matter experts come together to provide a monolithic and quality based solution to the customers. Since this helps Valency Networks to avoid maintaining technical staff and hence the time spent in managing that staff, its team tends to offer a quick, techie, and yet professional solution to their customers at a very affordable price tag.

A Veteran Persona with an Explicit Vision

Prashant Phatak, the Founder, and CEO of Valency Networks is a seasoned personality and the subject matter expert in information security who comes from IT infrastructure management and software development background. Moreover, Prashant plays a vital role in setting the vision and improving the technical abilities of the Valency Networks team.

Since Prashant founded his venture—Valency Networks, he has grown it to the heights with the extreme dedication along with his team. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company has expanded its operations in multiple sites including the USA, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Kuwait, and Mauritius. Further, he looks ahead to take his venture on a global level with an intention to safeguard businesses worldwide.

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