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Vivint Solar Offers Solar + Batteries To Make Massachusetts Energy Resilient

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Homeowners can send extra energy and receive credits

Vivint Solar is enabling its customers in Massachusetts to participate in the ConnectedSolutions program from National Grid. ConnectedSolutions is a program available to National Grid customers that provides incentives to homeowners with solar to use their photovoltaic (PV) systems with battery storage to reduce peak energy use, air pollution, stress on the grid, and energy costs.

Cost lower than a utility company

National Grid service account allows Massachusetts homeowners to add battery storage to their new solar energy system through Vivint Solar for a nominal cost to the customer. A solar energy system with battery storage can provide the customer with supply resilience, reduce peak energy use, and contribute to a cleaner grid.

During a ConnectedSolutions event, homeowners’ PV systems with battery storage will send extra energy to the utility and receive a credit on their bill. However, during a power outage, systems will stop sending power to the utility and will continue to power essential loads in homes.

Building energy resilient communities

The energy produced by solar panels during the day and energy stored in battery storage at night help customers takes a meaningful step toward energy self-sufficiency. New Vivint Solar customers located in the National Grid service territory of Massachusetts who wish to enroll in the program will receive a backup storage battery with a small increase in their energy rate when compared to a PV only solar offering. Those interested can discuss this program with their sales representative before their customized solar panel system is installed.

“Participation in the ConnectedSolutions program is another way that we are able to delight our customers and contribute to a cleaner and more viable energy future in Massachusetts,” said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar.



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