WHO study explains how high-fibre diet cuts heart disease risk

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World Health Organization has come with a landmark review that fibrous foods reduce the risk of heart-attacks

Fight diabetes, cancer and breast cancer with High-fibre diet

Eating fibre-rich foods like wholegrain cereals, pasta and bread, nuts, and pulses, and whole grain foods will cut people’s chances of early death, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. It also increases protection against breast cancer.

Jim Mann, a professor at the University of Otago, New Zealand who co-led the research stated, “Our findings provide convincing evidence for nutrition guidelines to focus on increasing dietary fibre and on replacing refined grains with whole grains. This reduces incidence risk and mortality from a broad range of important diseases.”

Same findings from Lancet Medical Journal Data

The data published in a series of systematic reviews in The Lancet medical journal, also suggested high-fibre food intakes could give even greater protection.

29 g fibre-rich food a day, keeps a doctor away

According to these new WHO finding, those wanting to take benefits from fibre-rich foods, they should eat 25g to 29g of dietary fibre a day. Likewise, eating more than 30g is even better. Most people in the world take less than 20g of fibre a day.

The analysis found that, people who ate more fibre have 15 to 30% reduction in deaths from all causes.

Protection from colorectal cancer

Mann said that, “Fibre-rich whole foods that require chewing and retain much of their structure in the gut increase satiety and help weight control. Further, he added, “The breakdown of fibre in the large bowel by the resident bacteria has additional wide-ranging effects including protection from colorectal cancer.”

“This would not end diet wars,” said Mann

But, on the other hand, the researcher Mann said, “It would not end the “diet wars”, because there were so many vested interests involved. “It’s twofold. There is the commercial vested interest, which there is an enormous amount of from chefs and celebrity chefs and so on. And there is also the professional vested interest.” This included some doctors and scientists, he said.

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