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Today, storing data has become a priority in all fields. There has been an unprecedented rise in mobile and computer users in the last two decades. Thus, both large and small businesses thrive on data and need accessible storage for which strong IT support and a large storage hub are required. However, all the companies cannot afford to spend a large amount that goes into buying and maintaining hardware. For such companies, cloud computing comes as a more affordable alternative. Cloud computing provides efficiency in data storage and needs less maintenance & computation costs. There is no need for high-priced IT infrastructure as well. Moreover, cloud computing makes it possible to save files on a remote database. Due to these and numerous other advantages, there is an increase in cloud adaption over the past few years. Presently, there are numerous cloud computing solution providers. Established in 2012, Yield Interactive is one such company that is providing cutting-edge cloud computing solutions since its inception.

Diverse Portfolio of Services and Solutions

Yield Interactive offers end-to-end cloud solutions on AWS, Azure, Google, and private clouds. The company has an AWS certified team with immense experience in cloud solutions. It provides secure setups of the cloud instances and calibrates S3, CDN, Automatic back-ups, and other options that are needed. Yield Interactive was one of the first few agencies which started to provide cloud solutions and in 8plus years, the company has deployed more than 100 applications on the cloud. Along with deploying applications and setting up cloud infrastructure, the company provides monitoring and optimization of resources. It offers a full range of services including,

Web Development: Yield Interactive helps its clients conceptualize their idea and make a robust business model. It specializes in open source and custom web application development.

UI/UX: With the best creative talents in the team, Yield Interactive designs wireframes and clickthroughs to let the client understand user journeys. It also focuses on user retention and conversion.
Online Marketing: The company has access to premium inventories to run marketing campaigns and meet KPIs. It brings clients on top of Google and social media platforms with its impeccable strategies

Content Writing: It provides content in multiple regional and foreign languages. All the content is written is proof-read, checked for plagiarism, and tailored perfectly for the business and readers.

App Distribution: Yield Interactive has partnerships with OEMs, Retail chains, and Ad Networks. Moreover, it is working for some of the topmost apps in India presently and helping them get access to the target audience in an affordable way.

Security Services: The company helps clients with vulnerability and penetration assessments. It also helps them establish a secure working environment within the organizational network.

Startup Consulting: It partners with founders and helps them build businesses. With a passion for new ideas, the company has helped numerous startups take the right calls, giving them tech and business insights beforehand.

A Digital Entrepreneur and Passionate Conceptualizer

Amit Thakrar (Co-founder at Yield Interactive) is leading the company along with Meenakshi (Co-founder at Yield Interactive). Amit is a digital entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in Technology, Product Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX, and cybersecurity. He is also an engineer and Master of E-Business with a specialization in E-commerce. Moreover, alongside Yield interactive, he also co-founded Mfundz in 2015 and HQbe Mobile Technologies in 2017. As the co-founder at Yield Interactive, Amit’s major role is to empower each of the team members, which is crucial particularly in these challenging times.

Ensuring Client Awareness

“Cloud means paying for what you use. But this is true only if everything is done right else you will end up spending more money and efforts to get and operate on cloud,” asserts Amit. Yield Interactive educates its clients before they opt for cloud infrastructure. Though creating this awareness takes time, the company takes pride in helping the clients make the right decisions.

The Phase of Transition and Adaption

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new avenues, especially for IT companies. It has brought a sudden spike in the demand for cloud solutions as the cloud industry was built with a vision to bring an ability to operate from anywhere and for everyone. However, most businesses were not ready to meet the increasing demand. Some of Yield Interactive’s clients were also facing liquidity challenges. In these uncertain times, the company managed to keep up with the clients’ needs by providing uninterrupted services. Furthermore, the transition to remote working was one of the major challenges posed by the pandemic. For Yield Interactive, the transition was rather smooth as the company was location-agnostic even before the pandemic. It has its own cloud processes and each of its employees can work from their own location. “When you let your teammates take the responsibility, they own it whole-heartedly and do the best job,” added Amit.

New Avenues, New Opportunities

Presently, the cloud industry is going through a phase of transition and adaption. The increasing cloud solutions have opened up OTT’s, Edtechs, Fintech platforms, and several other avenues. In the coming years, Yield Interactive aims to work towards making cloud solutions more affordable and easier to adapt. Amit firmly believes that bright days are ahead for cloud solution providers and adapters. Quote: “At Yield Interactive, we provide end to end cloud setup, management, and optimization solutions. Let us manage your cloud set-ups and you focus on your business.”

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