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Digital Tools and Apps teachers can use to support Online Education

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The use of digital tools has become religiously important over the last few years. This is because there is a dire need for improvement and formative assessment strategies in the education sector.

To make the education system more effective and practical, both teachers and students must start using online digital tools. If you are interested in supporting digital tools for educational purposes, we suggest you read this post.

In this article, we have listed the top-notch digital tools that will help you optimize your work. Before we list out the best digital tools in the market, we would like you to know about the criteria which we considered for selecting them:

  1. They should work on all sorts of devices without any restrictions.
  2. They should be free to use or should be extremely cheap.
  3. Both parties can use them as activators.
  4. They should support formative and instructional strategies.
  5. They should be resourceful for both teachers and students.

Based on these criteria, we have made a list of digital tools. You must know that there are more than hundreds of free and paid utilities on the web. From the huge mob of tools, we have handpicked the best options for you.

Best Digital Tools and apps for teachers and students in 2021

Read on the details of the best tools so that you can use them later on:

● Plagiarism Checker by SearchEngineReports.Net

digital tools and apps

The first tool in our list today belongs to! This utility website offers tons of free and reliable tools but the plagiarism checker has its importance. You should understand that using online plagiarism checker tools has become very important in the last few years. This is just because of the adverse effects that one has to face after the accusation. An online plagiarism checker tool can help a student check for plagiarism and screen his work for duplication before submitting it to their teachers. In the same way, this free plagiarism checker can also help teachers scan the work submitted by their students. This free duplication checker offers unlimited and accurate services, making it a reliable and convenient option.

● Animoto

digital tools and apps

This is a very interesting tool that can help teachers and students make short animated videos. Students can make animated videos that would show what they have learned in the recent lessons they had. Teachers can also use this digital tool for creating short videos as visual lesions for their students. Animoto is free to use, and even a new user can learn how to use it because of its simple and straightforward interface. This tool is one of the best ones for catering to the requirements of modern digital classrooms.

● Audio Note

Audio Note

The audio Note is another online tool that both teachers and students can use. Audio Note is a combination of a digital voice recorder and notepad. This tool can capture both audio and written content from students as well as from teachers. Students can use it to take notes while taking a lecture, and teachers can also use this tool while preparing a lesson for the upcoming classes.

● Trello


Trello is a time management tool that is considered to be best for students and teachers. Trello can also help increase the communication between both parties. Teachers can use Trello to assign work to their students and to check the status of their progress. Students can use Trello to connect with their teachers, collect assignment details, and manage their work hours. Trello helps a user finish his/her work in the mentioned time.

● Quick key

Quick key

This tool can help teachers in improving the way they mark assignments and papers. If a teacher wants to mark or grade an assignment instantly, then the quick key is a perfect option. You should also know that this online tool is also best for getting immediate feedback from students. This tool can help an academic institute find out the engagement rate between a teacher and a student.

● Wordable


This is a word guessing game that is being used in modern classrooms. This application cum tool has many benefits, and one of them is that it helps you get evidence and facts about a certain topic that you are about to learn in your class. This app provides word clues and images that increase the interest rate of students in the digital class. If a teacher wants to engage students before a boring lesson, then this is the perfect app to serve the purpose.

All of the above-listed tools are simple & straightforward. You can use them for free on any device you want. If you want to experience a better digital classroom, we would suggest you hook up with the best digital tools. Many more tools and apps can help you, but we suggest you try the aforementioned ones!

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