15 Little-Known Facts About India That No One Has Ever Told You

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Many people consider India a realm of mystery and wonder. The country offers everything: a diverse cultural heritage, hundreds of regional dialects, and fascinating sites. These characteristics attract a large number of tourists to India. Despite the fact that it has so much to offer, humanity has yet to fully appreciate its beauty and secrets. This blog will tell you 15 facts about India that no one has ever told you. Let’s get started!

1. The Magic of The Jagganath Puri Temple


The Jagganath temple stands as one of the most sacred Hindu temples, dedicated to Lord Jagganath, who represents one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. This temple has a history of approximately 862 years. There are several unexplained mysteries surrounding the Puri temple that even scientists have been unable to explain.

The temple’s flag always flutters in the opposite direction of the wind. Secondly, once you step inside, you cannot hear the sound of waves. The temple does not cast its shadow, regardless of the sun’s direction. Food cooked in the temple is never wasted. People install new idols every 8–12 years in the temple. This fact tops the list of untold facts about India.

2. The World’s largest sundial is located in Rajasthan

The Jaipur Observatory houses the largest Jantar Mantar instruments, making it one of the world’s biggest observatories. The Samrat Yantra, which is the World’s Largest Sundial, stands 27 meters tall and casts a shadow moving at a speed of 1 millimeter per second.

Like the other tools in the Jantar Mantar, the Samrat Yantra serves as a fixed instrument. Its face, angled at 27 degrees, aligns with the latitude of Jaipur. At its top, there is a small cupola used in Hindu tradition to announce eclipses and predict the weather, such as the arrival of monsoons. Very few people know this fascinating fact about India.

3. Varanasi Is The Most Ancient City In The World

Varanasi holds the distinction of being the oldest inhabited city in the world. Legends claim that Lord Shiva himself constructed the city in 3000 B.C. It remains renowned as a center of knowledge and civilization, standing as one of the major spiritual hubs in India. The city harbors numerous mysteries within its ancient walls.

A popular saying asserts that those cremated in Varanasi achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Every day, the city witnesses thousands of cremations. Additionally, the city hosts the annual Kumbh Mela, one of the largest spiritual festivals. Tourists from far and wide specifically make time to visit this sacred place.

4. The Mystery of Roop Kund


Also known as Skeleton Lake, Roop Kund is another mysterious site in India. It lies in Uttarakhand, deep within the Himalayan mountains. Its name originates from the fact that various human skeletons scattered around its shores. It is ironic how this place got named Roop Kund.

Nobody knows how the skeletons ended up there. Several mythological theories exist about the origins of the skeletons. Some say that an epidemic claimed the lives of these people. The total number of skeletons in Roop Kund ranges from 300 to 800. The existence of this site ranks among the scariest facts about India.

5. A Meteor Formed The Lonar Lake in Maharashtra

Also known as the Lonar Crater, the lake formed over 50,000 years ago due to the collision of two meteors. It is located in Maharashtra and is a salty-alkaline lake harboring a few mysteries.

People believe that compasses do not work here. Researchers discovered traces of moon minerals at the site. Additionally, the lake turns pink at night, primarily because of the Haloarchaea bacteria. Evidence suggests that it was once a part of the Mauryan Empire.

6. The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

Rajasthan is well-known for its haunted sites, but none baffles people more than Kuldhara village in Rajasthan. The village has a gripping story and is located 17 km to the west of Jaisalmer. Nobody dares to approach the village after 6 pm, and those who did were left traumatized.

Kuldhara was like any other village with many inhabitants. But one day, all of its inhabitants just disappeared. People believe that an evil prime minister named Salim Singh cursed this village. Unfortunately, many fled the village, and since then, no one has been able to live there. Thus, it earned its name “the ghost town.”

7. Anti Gravity Hills In Ladakh


Magnet Hill, near Leh in Ladakh, India, is a gravity hill. The road actually slopes downwards, but it creates the illusion of a hill. Objects and cars on this sloping road may appear to defy gravity and roll uphill when in reality, they are rolling downwards. Many people are still perplexed about the origin of this phenomenon.

Villagers in Ladakh believe that this road once led to heaven, and it would automatically pull deserving members there while undeserving individuals could never find their way there. Even today, locals and tourists flock to this site, trying to unravel its mystery.

8. Kamakhya Devi Temple Mystery

The Kamakhya Temple stands as one of India’s oldest temples, devoted to Tantric practices and dedicated to the goddess Sati. This temple holds significance as one of the shaktipeethas. Uniquely, it’s the sole temple in India that commemorates the menstruation of the goddess Kamakhya. The temple’s structural origins are traced back to the 8th–9th centuries.

Devotees from across India visit the temple monthly or annually to engage in tantric rituals. The temple observes a three-day closure during the Ambuchi Mela. It is believed that the goddess rests during these three days while experiencing menstruation. There’s also a prevalent belief that the river adjacent to the temple turns red during this period.

9. Shani Shingnapur: A Village With No Locks And Doors

One of the most intriguing facts about India revolves around the Shani Shingnapur village in Maharashtra, a place devoid of doors or locks. Despite the absence of these security measures, the village maintains a reputation for being exceptionally safe. This unique tradition has persisted through generations. Occasionally, locals prop up wooden panels against their front door frames to ward off stray dogs.

Legend has it that the god Shani appeared in the village head’s dream and instructed him to eliminate doors and locks from all houses in the village. This step would enable him to directly oversee the village without hindrance. Doors and locks would impede his immense power. Consequently, the police station hasn’t recorded any criminal cases since then.

10. Kumari Kandam: The lost continent


Kumari Kandam, a mythical continent, is believed to lie submerged beneath the Indian Ocean. In India, only a scant few are acquainted with Kumari Kandam. According to belief, a catastrophe—primarily a tsunami—caused the loss of the Tamil civilization at sea. Many regard this assertion as a myth.

This continent, dubbed the Lemuria continent, appears in numerous religious scriptures, attesting to its existence. Positioned beneath India’s Kanyakumari, it was once a thriving city within the Chola kingdom, boasting the prominence of Telugu culture.

11. The Rat Temple

The Shri Karni Mata Temple is a lesser-known temple. People in this temple worship rats. The temple houses more than 20,000 rats, considered to be auspicious. It is situated near Bikaner. These rats in the temple are referred to as Kaba rats, and they belonged to the goddess Karni’s clan.

Mata Karni holds these rats in high regard. Stepping on any of the rats here is considered inauspicious, requiring an offering of a golden or silver rat to the temple. Surprisingly, no instances of illness have been reported from consuming leftover prasad from the rats.

12. Gyan-Ganj: A Place for the Pure Hearted

Gyan-Ganj, often referred to as the land of immortals, remains a profound enigma captivating people worldwide. Situated in the Himalayas, this location poses a significant riddle in terms of its discovery. Locating Gyan-Ganj, however, proves to be no straightforward task. Up until this point, the site has eluded all attempts at revelation. Despite skepticism surrounding its legitimacy, a faction continues to uphold its genuineness.

The heart of the mystery lies in the prerequisite of a spiritual and karmic bond with the place. Certain individuals posit that the land’s foundation exists on an entirely distinct human plane, rendering its detection on satellite imagery arduous. Both the Ramayana and Mahabharata mention this site, marking it as one of India’s most challenging facts to substantiate.

13. Kedareshwar Temple Mystery


The devotees hold the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in high regard since its construction in 1319. This temple enshrines the Shiva Linga, Brahma Linga, and the idol of Janardhan. Skilled artisans carved it beautifully in Hoyasala style. Despite its age, great scientists have not managed to unravel its mystery to this day.

A Shiva Linga rests 5 feet away from the cave’s center, with waist-deep water surrounding it. The temple originally featured four pillars, symbolizing the four ages according to Hindu scriptures. With the passing of each age, a pillar would break off, causing the Shiva Linga to ascend. Believers hold the conviction that the world will meet its end when the last pillar collapses.

14. The Unknown Depth of Bheem Kund

Bheemkund, situated in Madhya Pradesh, is a natural water tank that holds a unique significance. This water tank stands apart from the ordinary. According to legend, it was the second Pandava brother, Bheem, who constructed it during the Dwapar Yuga. He undertook the construction to provide his wife, Draupadi, access to clean drinking water during their period of exile.

The enigma of Bheemkund lies in its appearance as a medium-sized tank, yet its depth remains immeasurable. Despite numerous attempts, no one has succeeded in gauging its true depth. Another mysterious phenomenon surrounds this site: when an individual meets their demise in Bheemkund, their body eschews the typical behavior of floating on the water; instead, it submerges into the depths, evading recovery.

15. Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple Mystery

Located in the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, the temple dates back to the 18th century and the royal family of the Maharaja of Travancore looked after it. This temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, shrouds itself in many mysteries.

This temple, regarded as the richest in India, possesses six vaults. Five vaults have already been opened, revealing a vast collection of gold, diamonds, rubies, and other precious items. However, to this day, nobody has succeeded in opening vault B. It is believed that anyone who attempts to open it will face calamity and bring significant misfortune to the country. The door of the vault features two serpents and a Yaksha intricately decorated upon it. Many individuals who have tried to unlock it have either met their demise or been struck with terror. Only the Naga Paasam mantra holds the key to opening it.

India holds numerous mysterious facts that can be counted on one’s fingers. Each enigma guards its own secret. Those who have endeavored to unravel these mysteries have come up empty-handed. India signifies more than just the Taj Mahal; it also stands as a land abundant with other world heritage treasures. We trust that this blog has provided you with valuable insights about India. For further informative content, continue reading Business APAC.

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