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India and Japan unite for 5G technology

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India and Japan unified for a cybersecurity deal to boost 5G technology. The mentioned countries vowed to operate for a free and open Indo- Pacific with diverse supply chains.

Recognizing the increasing role being played by digital technologies, the two ministers highlighted the need for robust and resilient digital and cyber systems ad in this context, welcomed the finalization of the text of the cyber-security agreement. 

The proffered cybersecurity agreement will promote cooperation in,

  • Capacity building
  • Research & Development
  • Security and resilience in critical information infrastructure
  • 5G
  • Internet of things(IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Why the countries are collaborating?

The deal is an outcome of few countries excluding out Huawei(a Chinese tech company) in their territories, and some breaching issues like- the Hitachi Payment Services in 2016, when malware spilled the company’s financial data and included 3.2 million debit card data in India. The need for cyber security arised after India banned over 100 Chinese mobile apps.

The Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative 

Amid the deal, Japan agreed to co-partner the connectivity pillar of the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI). IPOI includes maritime security, trade and connectivity, disaster risk reduction and management, science and technology cooperation, reducing marine pollution, sustainable use of marine resources, and capacity building.

The exchange of information 

This collaboration covers valuable information about infrastructure for banks and payment systems, telecommunications and the internet, nuclear reactors and energy transmission systems, transport systems, and water supply systems as well. 

Japan’s has allied with India a couple of times

Japan has contributed to India during the pandemic with Tokyo’s COVID-19 related aid for New Delhi, along with a 50 billion yen emergency loan and a 1 billion yen granted for medical equipment supply.

India and Japan are followed by QUAD countries.

The two countries have decided to develop 5G and 5G plus technologies with other QUAD members- the US and Australia. The QUAD members are planning to meet next month in Tokyo. As Chinese aggression is growing, the QUAD members are practicing military exercises.  During the gathering, the countries are expected to exchange information on risks and other factors that are linked with the Chinese products regarding 5G technology.

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