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Infinito Wallet partner with Holdex to support crypto crowdfunding campaigns

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This collaboration will create a seamless experience for asset storage and usage

Infinito Wallet is the world leading universal home for leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain services. The wallet has an advanced, native security feature called Token Veri-Sign, which can identify the authentic token and its smart contract address among those with similar names, making it an optimal wallet solution for token investors.

Holdex is Asia’s leading decentralised cloud-based platform. With the mission to make fundraising easy and affordable for startups, Holdex’s Initial Coin Offering Service provides a reliable and user-friendly tool for digital asset companies to manage their token sales with a suite of tools, connect with backers, and access a variety of potential partners. The platform currently has numerous verified token sales projects listed for investors.

Crypto crowdfunding

Together, Infinito Wallet and Holdex can give crypto crowdfunding startups complete support, from the early stage of creating and managing campaigns, to promoting and reaching investors and the user community. For token investors/holders, this collaboration creates a seamless experience for asset storage and usage, which helps further spread adoption of crypto assets as well as blockchain technology as a whole.Vadim Zolotokrylin, CEO of Holdex stated, “Partnering up with Infinito Wallet is a key milestone in our journey to aid startup financing. Having a large community that knows and supports your project is a massive advantage in the tough startup journey. While we focus on enabling financing via our infrastructure and network, Infinito and their technology unlock the potential for our projects to reach a massive community of users. We are really excited about the integration of our products. Together we can offer a much stronger ecosystem for the many projects out there looking for support, whatever that looks like: technology, connections, community or expertise.”

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