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Nokia with Hutchison 3 Tested 5G Network for End-to-End Connectivity

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The test showed promising result

Several tests were carried out on 28 GHz Spectrum. The test result got a download speed of 1.62 Gbps with 11ms latency which is the highest download speed and upload speed was recorded as high as 75.9 Mbps. The test run also had voice call test, it was started on 5g network and realizes over VoLTE to show how the simple mobile network services will work in 5G.

The test run was overseen by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and information technology, held at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in Surabaya, in Eastern Java. The trail run aimed to show its utilization in education-related issues. The 5g technology was used to demonstrate how it helps in public lectures in real-time held in two different cities. The officials from the ministry and Academics from ITS participated in the public lecture session, joined by the representative of Indonesia’s 5G Forum with the help of live stream holograms.

The 5G network will help the economic and social growth

Nokia network was used to conduct the test which included radio, core, and transport which enables high, unrestricted download and upload speeds with the low waiting time. This makes a strong case for remote learning, as students can access the learning material remotely which may be difficult due to physical distance. This will go beyond academia and help Indonesia in economic and social development.

“Completing the first 5G end-to-end trial in Indonesia is an important milestone. 5G is going to change just about everything, every industry, every business and every experience, including the student experience. With Nokia end-to-end 5G technologies, Indonesia is ready to support 5G deployment now and Indonesian students are able to reap the benefits of faster connections with lower latency. With 48 commercial 5G contracts and more than 100 customer engagements, we are pleased to see the pace of 5G progresses accelerating across the globe, including Indonesia.” said KP Goh, Head of Indonesia at Nokia.



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