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Study shows: Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine to be Effective in new coronavirus variants

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Pfizer BioNTech have assured us that their COVID-19 vaccine is effective against all the new mutants of the coronavirus. These new variations of the coronavirus have been known to be highly transmissible as it has been discovered all over South Africa and the UK.

The scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch along with students have indicated that the vaccine was operative in neutralizing the virus with the so-called N501Y mutation. 

The mutation could be responsible for greater transmissibility. Phil Dormitzer, one of Pfizer’s top viral vaccine scientists, said, “There had been concern it could also make the virus escape antibody neutralization elicited by the vaccine.”

How was the study conducted?

This study was conducted by the blood taken from people who were inoculated with the vaccine. The findings of the study are limited and it does not look at the entire set of mutations. This set of mutations is certainly found in either of the new variants of the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

Phil Dormitzer said that it was encouraging as the vaccine proved effective against the mutation. The vaccine was also effective against the 15 other variants that the company tested previously. 

“So we’ve now tested 16 different mutations, and none of them have really had any significant impact. That’s the good news,” he mentioned. “That doesn’t mean that the 17th won’t.”

The E484K mutation, found in the South African variant, which was noted by Dormitzer is also concerning. According to the researchers, they are planning to run tests to see if the vaccine is operative against other mutations found in the UK and South African. They hope to have the actual data in the coming weeks.

RNA Technology shows to most-effective 

Scientists are doubtful against the vaccine being effective to the South African coronavirus variant. Both the vaccines— the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna Inc. have used the synthetic messenger RNA technology. This technology is beneficial to address new mutations of a virus if necessary. 

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