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Ultimaker Essentials to Help Companies Overcome Barriers in Additive Manufacturing Adoption

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Includes eLearning to educate about the industry need

As one of the core pillars of Industry 4.0, 3D printing is an essential part of progressive business solutions and processes. Due to the recent pandemic, the 3D printing companies have quickly realized that global supply chains and manufacturing workflows can be easily disrupted. In response, Ultimaker, the global leader in professional 3D printing has launched Ultimaker Essentials. A new software solution created to aid companies in overcoming major barriers in the adoption of additive manufacturing!

At the heart of the enterprise

Ultimaker Essentials enables companies to incorporate 3D printing in existing IT infrastructures and allows for seamless distribution and updating of 3D printing software. The paid subscription-based software, offering addresses several glaring IT pain-points, including the need for improved management across workflows and the knowledge gap that exists in the manufacturing industry.

A major concern within enterprise IT departments is the ability to successfully and centrally manage distribution 3D printing software. Ultimaker Essentials addresses this issue by ensuring updates and plugins are rolled out across users in an organization at the same time. This streamlines the process, providing better control across multiple 3D printers in an organization.

Removing the final barriers

Ultimaker Essentials also includes a brand-new direct support function and a catalog of verified plugins to help effectively scale 3D Printing outputs. Subscribing to Ultimaker Essentials provides organizations with an enterprise-grade solution for adopting a full 3D printing infrastructure.

The transition to digital distribution and local manufacturing is now imminent and more imperative than ever. As part of the Ultimaker Essential package, users have access to three eLearning courses from the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. 

eLearning to bridge the knowledge gap

In 2019, Ultimaker found that 69 percent of the professionals surveyed cited knowledge as the most frequent barrier, of which, 40 percent brought up a lack of necessary skillsets to properly leverage 3D printing. The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy helps professionals overcome these barriers with curated and developed content catered specifically to the jobs of today. Courses in the Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy, ranging from novice to expert level, will also be available separate from Ultimaker Essentials.

Designed to significantly increase in value over time, Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy will be expanded by releasing multiple roles- and topic-based courses with additional certifications. 



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