Business APAC Leading Healthcare Companies of 2022

Over the years, Malaysia Healthcare has presented a seamless end-to-end healthcare journey experience, affording quality care for the peace of mind of healthcare travelers. Besides being one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia for medical tourism, the increasing aging population in Malaysia is sighted to bring revenue-earning opportunities for healthcare companies.

Proximie: Saving Lives By Virtually Sharing The World’s Best Clinical Practice
The APAC region is experiencing a rapid rise in digital ...
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Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition
Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition: Delivering Affordable & Dependable Healthcare
Use of Biotechnology along with the study of micro-organisms have ...
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Golden Helix
Golden Helix: Pioneering the Precision Medicine Industry
The global NGS market is expected to grow exponentially in ...
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ELATE RCM: Redefining Traditional Healthcare Models and Transforming Medical Claim Management
The APAC countries had been experiencing major challenges in the ...
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Dyna Biotech
Dyna Biotech: A Perfect Blend of Functionality and Affordable Biotech towards Global Society
The APAC region’s healthcare market is anticipated to grow by ...
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CliniExperts: India’s First Healthcare Regulatory Solutions Provider for Domestic and International Markets
Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has seen ...
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SPAC International
SPAC International: Creating Seamless Connection between Healthcare Technology and Patients with Human Touch
In the current healthcare scenario, value-based care has become increasingly ...
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MobiDent mobile dentistry
MobiDent: Using AI and Mobile Dentistry to make preventive dental care the new health care fashion.
In India, 30,000 dentists graduate every year for 309 dental ...
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Charlie Barlow
Health at Hand: Finally a technology-enabled solution that benefits both the payer and the patient in the MENA region
Over the last twenty years, technology has changed immensely and ...
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