Will Siri And Alexa Assist With COVID-19 Detection?

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COVID-19 vaccine has not arrived yet, but the final stage trials may begin from next month along with data publication. COVID-19 vaccine makers Pfizer Inc, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca- Oxford University, and Moderna are eager to conclude final trials.

Vaccine manufactures say,

Based on current infection rates, the companies continue to expect that a conclusive readout on efficacy is likely by the end of October,” said Pfizer and BioNTech who are seeking 44,000 partakers for terminal stage trials.

Alexa- Do I have COVID-19?

The long-running COVID-19, which arrived in December 2019, has been creating havoc globally. In response to tackle the effect, people around the world are coming up with new initiatives and innovations. Hospitals asked for mask donations from local enterprises. Experimenters reached people who had recovered the virus to donate their blood plasma. 

In addition to this, Israel’s defense ministry and Vocalis Health startup indulged people to offer their voices. As the researches are studying ways to use people’s voices to ease out coronavirus effect, depression, dementia, and more. This is not its first response though. Previously, they constructed an application that could detect flare-ups by listening to heralds of breathlessness. The firm wanted to apply the same on COVID. 

Who is Vocalis Health? What is their job?

Vocalis Health is a startup present in Israel and the United States. It has created a Vocalis research app through which the Corona Virus carriers could, describe an image and count from 50-70 into their smartphones. Right after that, the Vocalis processed the recording with the Corona Virus negative patients. The firm recorded over 1,500 voice samples by midsummer. Its COVID-19 screening tool is highly mentioned worldwide, though it is not inclined to diagnose, but can help to predict people who need testing, quarantining, or special care. 

Three more groups of vocal biomarkers are working on the same venture. They are analyzing COVID – 19 coughing audios and designing voice detection algorithms to detect when someone has put on a face mask.

All we need is to speak to a smart speaker

Back in years, voice biomarkers and AI scientists discovered solutions for disorders- dementia, depression, autism spectrum disorder, and heart disease too. The researchers differentiate between voice chords of normal people and patients diagnosed with the above illnesses. These technologies could enable epidemiologists to descry diseases, disorders, and even pandemics. They may transpire smart speakers into medical devices at home and workplaces. 

The president of Vocalis said, “This is not invasive, it’s not a drug, we’re not changing anything. All you need to do is speak.” Thoughtfully, soon your robot, your Siri, or your Alexa may detect you illness and will simply utter, “Oh, you’ve got cold.” The scientists say they are at an early stage for this change. 

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