The Business APAC Futuristic Security Leaders Of 2019

Today, businesses from diverse sectors are using cloud services to collect and store confidential information & data that are transferred across networks. Here, the role of cybersecurity increases as its key objective is to limit risk and protect networks, computer programs, and information from attackers with malicious intent.
Randeep Sharma: Innovator and Trailblazer in the Security Domain
It is no secret that today’s business leaders have different ...
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Paul Hadjy
Paul Hadjy: The Cloud Security Trailblazer
As organizations shift to the cloud, there is a paradigm ...
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Andrea Pfundmeier: An Eminent Entrepreneur Who Actively Campaigns For Progress In Digitalization
Today, cloud computing is part of daily lives and is ...
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Dan Schoenbaum
Dan Schoenbaum: A Leader in the Attack Surface Management Market
The security industry is quite dynamic in nature; companies face ...
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Raymond Kris
Raymond Kris: A Reinventor in the Security Industry
Earlier, the compliances were the legal requirements and security was ...
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Akhil Rapelli
Akhil Rapelli: A Passionate Engineer Excelling In Ethical Hacking
Digitization has made technology both powerful and vulnerable at the ...
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Roy Zur: Responding Actively To Threats In The Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape
The internet has proven to be a powerful force in ...
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Vikram Taneja
Vikram Taneja: An Agile And Vigilant Leader Simplifying Cyber Risk Management
The cyber threats are ever-evolving and poses greatest challenge for ...
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Cyber Control

Threat Intelligence
‘Threat Intelligence’ is a new threat to cybercriminals
Cyber threats are not a new headache for organizations, however, ...
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Economic Dash

Economic Transformation
Next-Gen Leaders Are Capable Of Bringing Economic Transformations
Today, what the world is witnessing is actually an evolution ...
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